Tuesday , November 24 2020

Police say they are threatening the death of the first black councilor in Joinville | Santa Catarina

Civil police identified a man last week suspected of having threatened to kill an elected councilor in Joinville, north of Santa Catarina, Ana Lúcia Martins (PT). On that Sunday morning (22), agents carried out a search and an order to seize the suspect’s place of residence. He was interrogated and is still at large.

According to Cláudia Gonçalves, Chief of Police for the Protection of Children, Youth, Women and the Elderly (DPCAMI), the suspect has psychiatric problems and lives with his mother. (Read more below).

Ana Lúcia, the city’s first black city councilor, fell victim to racial threat and injury following the 2020 local elections. In a social media publication, the profile suggested killing her so that the white MP could enter the city government. The post has already been deleted.

“He has schizophrenia, so he will probably undergo a sanitary procedure. The action will be carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Affairs to prove the fine, ”the delegate said this morning, right after the operation.

Ana Lúcia Martins was the first elected black councilor from Joinville – Photo: Social Networking / Reproduction

The execution of the order took place in the neighborhood of Paranaguamirim, in the southern part of the commune. According to investigations, at least in his social media posts, he was acting alone. Even so, the case goes on: “Maybe there were people behind them,” said the delegate.

At least four announcements against the councilor were published last Monday (16). One of the comments was “the fascists sent a message that she should take care of herself.” Another post in the publication reads: “Now we only need m4t4r el4 [sic] and bring in the alternate who is white. ” (Look below)

Post addressed to the councilor, with a profile not yet identified by the police – Fig. Reprodukcja / Social network

Electronic equipment such as computers and cell phones have been detained at the residence and will be investigated. The case is being followed by the Santa Catarina Public Ministry (MPSC).

Following the disclosure of the case, the Full Council of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB / SC) rejected the attacks on Ana Lúcia. The agency contacted the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) asking for priority in investigating the crime.

Born in the Floresta neighborhood in the south of Joinville, Ana has served as a civil servant, teacher and is one of the leaders in advocating the rights of women, black people, immigrants and peripheral communities in the city which is Santa Catarina’s largest electoral school. .

Down G1 SC, the councilor said on Thursday (19) that when she found out about the death threat posted on a social networking site, on Tuesday (17), during a meeting with advisers, she immediately thought: “This will happen to me, what happened to Marielle. And I was wondering, folks, but I didn’t even take office. ”

Interview with the first black councilor elected in Joinville: mandate plans

Interview with the first black councilor elected in Joinville: mandate plans

At the same time, the elected councilor, who finished seventh in the local government elections, says that the episode gives her strength to continue her plans to run for peace in the legislature. He takes over the leadership in 2021-2024.

“Since I was a teenager, I have participated in social movements, I have participated in the black women’s movement, in the black women’s organization, and all these movements have strengthened this candidacy and all these movements and many others support us. Nobody can stop us from taking this place, ”he said. .

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