Saturday , June 19 2021

Ponte hits Coritiba, for the first time he appears on G4 in Serie B and sees closer access

Ponte Preta is the newest member of the Brazilian Serie B G4 (access zone). The Campinas team made temporary provisional leadership by defeating Coritiba 2-0 at the Moisés Lucarelli stadium on Tuesday evening in the penultimate round of the competition. Spectacular growth, draw and seven wins in last matches, adding 22 points in 24 disputes.

As a result, Ponte Preta now has 59 points and can only be defeated by two of his rivals in the fight for access, because CSA (59) and Avaí (57) face each other in the round. Goiás is 57. Coritiba parked in tenth place with 49.

Before approaching access, Ponte Preta entered the field with a clear intention of reaching G4. The Campinas team immediately took off and needed four minutes to open the scoring. Ruan regained his defensive ball, fired quickly, attacked the area and crossed. Leandro Silva tried to sneak into the car and finished his own goal.

The second goal was not included in the next auction. At the cross of Lucas Mineiro, Ruan appeared on a small surface and headed for the goal. Coritiba's answer came with Guilherme Parede. The striker received a rematch from Renan Fonseca and scored a goal, but the assistant referee signaled an obstacle.

The shock did not stop the Black Bridge before making the second one in the initial phase. In the 38th minute, thanks to Júnior Santos, he was crossed by Victor Rangel, Matheus Vargas. The attacker dominated and fumbled in the net, defeating goalkeeper Rafael Martins.

Coritiba returned better in the second half and immediately led Ivan to work. Chiquinho risked a bomb to defend the goalkeeper. However, the bridge decided to complicate itself. João Vitor came in with the salt in Matheus Bueno and was thrown out.

With one player, Algiers Fucks set Coritiba to attack. The club was in possession of the ball, but was unable to create and did little to threaten Ponte Preta, who almost scored the third goal in free throw by Danilo Barcelos, defended by Rafael Martins.

In the final, Ponte Preta will face Avaí on Saturday at 17:00 at the Ressacada stadium in Florianópolis (SC). This is a direct confrontation of access. On the same day and time, Coritiba takes Fortaleza in Couto Pereira, in the capital Paraná, just to follow the schedule.



BLACK BRIDGE – Ivan; Ruan, Reginaldo, Renan Fonseca and Danilo Barcelos; João Vitor, Lucas Mineiro and Matheus Vargas (Roberto); André Luís (Hyuri), Victor Rangel (Nathan) and Santos Junior. Technical: Gilson Kleina.

CORITIBA – Rafael Martins; Leandro Silva, Rafael Lima, Alan Costa and William Matheus; Vitor Carvalho, Wellington Simião (Guilherme), Matheus Bueno (Jonatas Belusso) and Chiquinho (Nathan); Guilherme Parede and Alecsandro. Coach: Algiers Fucks.

GOLS – Leandro Silva (against), 4 and Junior Santos, in the 38th minute of the first half.

ARBITRATION – Ricardo Marques Ribeiro (MG).

YELLOW CARDS – Nathan (Black Bridge); Guilherme and Rafael Lima (Coritiba).

RED CARD – João Vitor (Ponte Preta).

INCOME – R 131.560.00 USD.

PUBLIC – 10 814 payees (11 684 present).

LOKAL – Stadium Moisés Lucarelli, Campinas (SP).

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