Raffle accumulates and the next time it will be 32 million real


The prize of R $ 11 million, quadrillion of the Mega-Sen 2324 contest, was collected. In today’s draw in São Paulo, no one hit the six dozen (02-16-19-31-43-60) drawn by Caixa. As a result, the next draw will have a maximum prize pool of R $ 32 million.

There were 43 winning bets on the corner that would bring up R $ 58,591.46.

A further 3,451 bets were awarded R $ 1,042.94, value for those who hit the floor.

When will the next Mega-Sen draw?

The next competition, number 2325, will be held on Tuesday (8). The event will start at 20:00 (Brasília time) and will be broadcast live over the Internet on the official Caixa YouTube channel, with simultaneous broadcast on RedeTV! (The official lottery calendar no longer tells you which draw will be shown on open TV, always once a day)

How to enter the next Mega-Sen draw?

You have to place a bet from 6 to 15 lottery numbers with credentials via Caixa or on a special bank website. All bets registered by 19:00 on Tuesday will take part in the next competition.

How much does it cost to bet on Mega-Sen?

It depends on how many numbers you are going to put into the game. The minimum bet is now BRL 4.50 and you are free to choose six tens from 1 to 60. If you wish to bet an additional number to increase your chances of hitting the game the price of the game goes up to BRL 31.50. In the most expensive scenario, with 15 numbers per wheel, the bet could cost R $ 22,522.50.

What were the biggest prizes in the regular Mega-Sena competitions?

  • 2.150, 05/11/2019, 1 winning bet; total prize: R $ 289.4 mi
  • 2.237, 27/2/2020; 2 winning bets; total prize: R $ 211.6 mi
  • 1.764, November 25, 2015; 1 winning bet; total prize: R $ 205.3 mi
  • 1.772, December 22, 2015; 2 winning bets; total prize: R $ 197.4 mi
  • 1.655, 22/11/2014; 2 winning bets; total prize: R $ 135.3 mi
  • 2.161, 19/06/2019; 1 winning bet; total prize: R $ 124.2 mi
  • 2.189, 18/09/2019: 1 winning bet; total prize: R $ 120 mi
  • 1.220, 6/10/2010; 1 winning bet; total prize: R $ 119.1 mi
  • 1.575, 19/02/2014; 1 winning bet; total prize: R $ 111.5 mi
  • 1.953, 29.07.2017; 1 winning bet; total prize: R $ 107.9 mi

What are my chances of winning in Mega-Sena?

It also depends on the number of tens in your facility. At the lowest (R $ 4.50), with six numbers, the chance of getting all the balls drawn and winning the highest prize is 1 in 50,063,860. By playing a dozen more (R $ 31.50), the probability increases. He becomes one in 7151980. Whoever is willing to pay more than R $ 22,500 on a 15 tens bet will have a chance for 10,003 to get it all and become a millionaire.

How does the ticket Caixa sells in lottery stores work?

These tickets are organized by Caixa accredited lotteries. These are group bets with a minimum price set at R $ 10 for the Mega-Sena. The minimum mandatory fee per participant is R $ 5. In this mode, an additional service fee of 35% of the fee may be charged. The Mega-Sena jackpot allows from two to 100 shares. Ten different bets can be placed in each pot.

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Yes, this combination has already been drawn. Also see how many times your dozen have left Mega-Sena.


This combination was never appropriate

Numbers must be between 1 and 60 without repetition


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