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Ralph clashed with the best of the Corinthians at night; bitter double the worst average

Ralf engaged his second game as a starter and not

Ralf engaged his second game as a starter and did not commit

Danilo Fernandes / My Timo

Despite their involvement on the pitch, Corinthians fans did not approve of the band's performance on Wednesday evening. In Quito, Ecuador, Timão tied 2-2 to Independiente Del Valle and was eliminated from Copa Sudamericana. And Fiela's dissatisfaction affected the management's assessment Cheerleading notesdo My helm

At midnight at night, Ralf fought and was considered the best on the pitch by the Corinthians. Defensively secure the steering wheel intercepted attempts to attack opponents, and, if necessary, well distributed the game. He had an average 7.8 between page readers.

On the podium along with Ralf is Argentinean Mauro Boselli, who again owned Timão and scored the first goal of the team in the capital of Ecuador. That is why it was noted that 7.6 And the striker Vagner Love, who appears just below his partner, with 6.6. Shirt 9, which is worth remembering, helped Boselli swing the net.

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On the other hand, two names had the worst average night: Fabio Carille and Manoel, with 1.4. The coach's main criticism concerns some choices during the game and Vital's absence on the pitch. The defender, in turn, did not send the Del Valle corrector.

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Average rating: 2.6
Ratings received: 296
Fagner preserves lemonsFagner
Average rating: 1.5
Ratings received: 291
Manoel Messias Silva CarvalhoManoel
Average rating: 1.4
Ratings received: 293
Carlos Gilberto Nascimento SilvaBullfinch
Average rating: 3.6
Ratings received: 287
Danilo Fernando AvelarDanilo Avelar
Average rating: 2.7
Ratings received: 287
Ralf de Souza TelesRalf
Match star
Average rating: 7.8
Ratings received: 302
Ramiro Moschen BenettiRamiro
Average rating: 2.6
Ratings received: 284
Nazareno Junior Sornoza MoreiraSornoza
Average rating: 3.4
Ratings received: 280
Pedro Victor Delmino da SilvaPedrinho
Average rating: 4.8
Ratings received: 292
Vagner Silva de SouzaVagner's love
Average rating: 6.6
Ratings received: 292
Mauro BoselliMauro Boselli
Average rating: 7.6
Ratings received: 305
Clayson Henrique da Silva VieiraClayson
Average rating: 3.2
Ratings received: 279
Gustavo Henrique da Silva SouzaGustavo
Average rating: 2.3
Ratings received: 264
Ocimar de Almeida JJunior Bear
Average rating: 1.3
Ratings received: 257
F.Fabio Carille
Average rating: 1.4
Ratings received: 314
Piero Maza
Average rating: 3.9
Ratings received: 212
Votes: 4535

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