RELEASED! New credit payments starting at R $ 2K in the FGTS


BEHIND Federal Savings Bank released the advance payment in favor Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS), in the mode that entered into force in 2020, the birthday withdrawal. In October, this new option for employees could be presented as an online loan guarantee.

Employees will have up to three years to pay resources to loan of a minimum amount of PLN 2,000 R $. According to Caixa CEO Pedro Guimarães, the money will be transferred digitally without the employee having to go to the agency.

‘The loan consists of an advance payment of the amount made available in the month of birth. ABOUT FGTS balance it is used as a guarantee of performance, bringing simplicity and agility to contracting, ”Caixa said.

The interest rate, according to the bank’s information, is quite attractive: 0.99% per month among loans to natural persons.

“Credit is quick and easy, without bureaucracy. Just access online banking, simulate, rent and use resources, ”said the bank.

Loan advantages

According to the president of Caix, the advantage of the loan is lower interest rates for natural persons, 0.99% per month.

“You can predict a year, two or even three years. And the amount also varies, right down to the balance, with a minimum of R $ 2k, ”he said live.

  • Interest per month: 0.99%
  • Annual interest: 12.54%
  • Minimum loan amount: R $ 2,000
  • Provision for up to three years of benefit.
  • Ease: quick and easy borrowing
  • Practicality: automatic and one-time payment
  • Speed: money in your account the day after hiring
  • Convenience: it does not burden the budget as there is no monthly payment


  • Be 18 years or older or emancipated;
  • Have a savings account or checking account with CAIXA
  • Stay with the CPF in the normal course of the IRS

How do I borrow a credit line?

According to information from Caixa, an employee can hire Awaiting the withdrawal of the FGTS Birthday “Wherever you are, in your hand or on your computer, in a completely digital way,” said the bank.

Join the birthday loot

Register with CAIXA Internet Banking, CAIXA App or FGTS App and select CAIXA. Check the amount you are entitled to.


It is possible to conclude an agreement through a network of branches as well as through CAIXA Internet Banking.

Currently, due to the need to adapt the digital channel due to high demand, employment takes place only in branches. They will be available again in internet banking and the CAIXA app soon.

Money on the account

CAIXA holds the balance on your FGTS account for warranty purposes and releases the Prepaid amount in your account the next day.


Contracts for the new loan mode began on July 27. Caixa Econômica Federal forecasts high demand for the service as approximately 6.1 million people joined the birthday withdrawal.

Loans payable at the FGTS

Until September, Caixa Econômica Federal granted loans deducted from salary in total 760 thousand. Employees taking advantage of the FGTS guarantee (Employment Guarantee Fund) – said Adolfo Sachsida, secretary for economic policy in the Ministry of Economy.

Also, according to the secretary, on September 15, the guaranteed amount was approximately R $ 2.2 billion.

“I recently spoke to Caixa and they informed me that 760,000 workers had used a payroll credit backed by the FGTS. This new type of loan was worth R $ 2.2 billion in guarantees, ”said the head of the SPE. “We fuel the FGTS payroll market. For the consumer, this is a more stopped road. I invite other banks to do the same – he added.

The use of FGTS disbursements as a loan guarantee in the marketplace is envisaged in the new benefits rules that were approved by Congress last year and created the rules for anniversary withdrawals and immediate withdrawals.

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