Tuesday , January 26 2021

Renegotiate your debts with discounts up to 99%

This week, the 26th edition Feirão Serasa Clean Name. The action takes place throughout the country, and its goal is to help defaulting consumers with debt repayment in over 50 partner companies from various segments up to 99% discount.

According to Serasa, this year’s event can be considered the company’s largest debt renegotiation program, taking into account the percentage of the discount offered. The large cut was intended to support consumers affected by the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“The year has been very difficult due to the pandemic, but we are already seeing signs of recovery. For this reason, this year, together with more than 50 Serasa Limpa Nome partners, we understand the responsibility to develop and create the greatest Feirao of all time, ”said Giresse Contini, director of marketing and digital channels at Serasa.

The companies participating in the campaign include financial institutions, department stores, operators, electric companies. Check out some of the Serasa Clean Name partner companies:

  • Algar
  • Anhanguera
  • Active
  • Avon
  • BMG bench
  • Bank of Brazil
  • Bradesco
  • Calcard
  • Carrefour
  • Bahia Houses
  • Cemig
  • Cetelem
  • Bright
  • Connect the car
  • Confidence
  • CPFL
  • Credsystem
  • Crefis
  • Santinni
  • Worried
  • Elmo
  • Energis
  • Fame
  • Mortar
  • Hipercard
  • Whoopers
  • Ipanema
  • Itapeva
  • Itaú
  • Koerich
  • Credit
  • Light
  • Mundial Mix
  • Our house
  • New world
  • Hello
  • PagBank
  • Pernambucanas
  • Pythagoras
  • A cold place
  • secure port
  • Four Seasons
  • Improvement
  • Renner
  • RGE
  • Riachuelo
  • Santander
  • Sky
  • Sorocard
  • Tent
  • Tribanco
  • Tricard
  • Unique
  • Uniderp
  • Unime
  • Unopar
  • Vivo
  • Short

Contini also stressed the importance of keeping the name clean in order to increase access to credit on the market. Thus, Feirão Serasa Limpa Nome is a great opportunity for those who have to pay off their debts and get rid of restrictions.

How to participate?

Feirão Serasa Limpa Nome takes place either in digital channels or in person at over 7,000 post offices across the country. For those who prefer online renegotiation, with all the convenience, without leaving home, Serasa’s service channels are:

  • Website – www.feiraolimpanome.com.br;
  • Serasa App – Available for Android and iOS;
  • WhatsApp – (11) 99575-2096

But beware! If you are interested in renegotiating your debts, you’d better hurry up. This is because Feirão Serasa Limpa Nome ends on Monday, November 30.

Serasa Turbo

A novelty available in this edition of Serasa Limpa Nome is Serasa Turbo, a tool developed by the company to increase creditworthiness immediately after debt negotiation and settlement, improving consumer access to credit.

It is estimated that around 60 million consumers who fail to meet their obligations will benefit from this initiative. Most of the country’s debtors are located in São Paulo (SP). According to Serasa, the capital city of São Paulo has approximately 4.2 million people in debt.

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