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Still unanswered questions about the mention of Bolsonaro in the Marielle case Brazil


The mere mention of President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) in the Marielle investigation revealed on Tuesday by TV Globo opened a new chapter of political and legal uncertainty in the investigation. On Wednesday, the Rio prosecutor said a porter's statement that informed the civil police that one of the suspects in the execution of the councilor was looking for the home of President Jair Bolsonaro on the day of the crime in 2018, does not match the recordings of the communications system owned by the authorities. According to edition National Journal From this Wednesday, the expertise in the bodyguard's auditions was closed only on Wednesday. See the questions that have been answered and those that are still unclear in the case.


What did the prosecutors in the Marielle case say about the doorman's statement?

A local porter tied the name of President Jair Bolsonaro to one of the murderers of Councilor Marielle Franco in his testimony. According to Rede Globo, the doorkeeper told the civil police that former Prime Minister Elcio de Queiroz, one of the suspected executions of the councilor and his driver, had permission from home 58 where President Bolsonaro, then the federal deputy, was condominium on the day of the crime, 14 March 2018, at 17:10 Although authorized by "Seu Jair," Queiroz eventually became the property of retired Prime Minister Ronnie Less and the main suspect in firing the trigger to kill Marielle and Anderson Gomes. At a press conference at the end of Wednesday, state prosecutor Simone Sibilo, head of the Special Action Group on Combating Organized Crime (GAECO), said Queiroz was admitted by Lessa and claimed that the doorman had lied to a civil police testimony that did not match the recordings. Before statements, councilor Carlos Bolsonaro had already shown programs that would be a concierge who refuses a porter.

Why is the sound different from manual concierge registration and concierge statements?

In addition to the testimony of the concierge, Globo had access to manual registration of the concierge Vivendas Barra. It seems that Élcio Queiroz came to the site at 17:10 on March 14, 2018, on the day of the murder of Marielle Franco and Anderson Gomes, and went to home 58 Jaira Bolsonaro. However, Ping said at a press conference that the technical evidence points to something else: that the voice authorizing the former prime minister's entry is Ronnie Lessa at 17:07. According to the prosecutor, the concierge may issue a new statement to explain the differences.

Has an audio skill been performed? When did this work end?

Prosecutor Sibilo said that there was no rigging of radio broadcasts that were subject to control, but did not say how the recordings went to the investigation, whether they were collected by law enforcement officers directly from the machines in the apartment and checked for possible changes of the originals or transferred by the undertaking. where President Bolsonaro, his son Carlos and Ronnie Lessa, arrested on charges of executing Marielle, have a home. The National Journal According to the prosecutor's office in Rio, according to the prosecutor's office, the investigation was not completed until Wednesday, although prosecutors had at their disposal at least on October 15.

What are the protocols for entering the apartment?

Bolsonaro noted that on the day and time of Élcio Queiroz's entry to Vivendas da Barra, he was sitting in the Chamber of Deputies. Home documents listed in Jornal Nacional confirm the President's explanation. However, there are condominiums that no longer use only the intercom or landline to communicate with neighbors. Many porters are already communicating with residents by mobile phone.

EL PAÍS learned from Vivendas da Barra's internal sources that the concierge is still only using the condominium's internal doorphone. When a resident does not respond, the doorman must cycle directly to his home to communicate. In addition, the neighbor must always allow anyone who does not live in the property to enter.

Why would the porter lie?

According to information collected by EL PAÍS, the absent porter worked for many years in the president's condominium. Vivendas da Barra reports that he made three statements without lawyers present and during the holidays – which are still ongoing, indicating that his presence was recent. According to prosecutors, it is still necessary to establish a discrepancy between what the employee said and wrote in the book of the regulation. Since he was such an old employee and dealt with such a serious matter as the deaths of Marielle and Anderson, capable of endangering his own life, why would he lie?

Why did the audio not reach TV Globo?

TV Globo stated in National Journal that investigators were looking for recordings to compare with testimonies and paper records of condominium order. However, on Wednesday, Globo's G1 portal stated that "the recordings are in the hands of the police, but they were not thoroughly investigated because investigators decided to wait for a demonstration in the Supreme Court (STF) because of a call to the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro."

In addition to the fact that the MP from Rio already knows about the recordings, Prosecutor General Augusto Aras said on Wednesday morning in an interview with Leafthat the Supreme and the PGR itself, after receiving information about the statement, also received links between the condominium concierge and the addresses. Prosecutors also confirmed during a press conference that after informing the Supreme and submitting the instructions, the ordinance supplemented this information with audits a few days later. There is also evidence that audio researchers are the same as Carlos Bolsonaro's access.

Therefore, it seems that Globo had access to an earlier phase of investigations when the state MP and civilian police were not aware of or were audios experts. Why did the station receive incomplete information? Who was interested in handing it over?

Why is the delay in obtaining condominium evidence?

Also at a press conference, prosecutors from the Rio de Janeiro Parliament admitted that registration of condominium entry had not been made on the day of the detention of Lessa and Queiroz in March. According to prosecutor Carmen Carvalho, the civil police did not take the material because they did not find an entry in house 65, Lessa. Prosecutor Simone Sibilio said the agents did not know at the time that there was a registration system between the concierge and residents, something "unusual" that "not even the residents knew".

However, councilor Carlos Bolsonaro has shown that audio seems to be the same as scientists – it is not yet confirmed how true they are. If the inhabitants did not know about the sound, why did the president's son know? And if they are true, why did Carlos Bolsonaro so easily gain access to condominium materials that involve other neighbors? Could the files have been changed? Is there a risk that the family of the president will be hampered by justice?

The prosecutor general said he had already rejected the mention of the president? When was that A STF?

Prosecutor General Aras reported that Bolsonaro was mentioned in the Marielle case, carried out by Rio prosecutors using an instrument called 'de facto news'. He called the revelation of TV Globo "a fact that spawned a crime against the president," he told the newspaper. Saint Paul sheet. Later on National JournalAras said he is not sure if the application was Wednesday or Tuesday. "Probably today (Wednesday)." At a press conference, prosecutors in the state of Rio de Janeiro stated that they were still awaiting the Federal Supreme Court's response in this case, and the prosecutor general said the case had also been brought by the Court. How will the Supreme behave? EL COUNTRY attempted to contact the Court but did not receive an answer to his questions until this article was published.

Did Wilson Witzel interfere in investigations?

The crisis also affected the Guanabara Palace, the seat of the government of Rio de Janeiro. During yours live On Facebook, Bolsonaro not only heavily attacked Globo, but also blamed Governor Wilson Witzel for the episode. Some media said on Tuesday that the governor would be happy to publish a statement in Globo's main press release. On Wednesday morning, the president also claimed that he had been warned by Witzel on October 9 that the case would pass to the presidential clan.

"At 9 am I was at the Navy Club in Rio de Janeiro when Governor Witzel approached me […] and said: "Marielle's lawsuit is pending in the Supreme Court" […] "The doorman quoted your name." This means that Witzel knew the trial, which was a secret of justice. He commented to me, "the agent told reporters. The governor replied: "I note that there has never been any political interference in the investigations conducted by the Prosecutor's Office and the Civil Police", stated in a note on Twitter. Witzel also said Bolsonaro's accusations were "light" and refused any responsibility for the information on TV Globo.

Given the evidence that Witzel knows the details of the investigations, it's worth remembering that as Governor of Rio, he is directly responsible for the civilian police. However, according to three lawyers consulted by EL COUNTRY, they should not be given secret investigations. The three treated Witzel's possible influence as unreasonable interference. "Confidentiality is precisely to prevent the politicization of investigations. Police leaking information to presidents and governors to use this information politically (by preparing their explanations in advance, blackmailing opponents or anything else) are typical of dictatorial regimes. " explained Rafael Mafei, a professor of law at the University of São Paulo.

And I live Can it disrupt the investigation?

Later on Wednesday, Bolsonaro asked Justice Minister Sergio Moro to call the federal police and the Ministry of Justice. The request was answered immediately: in a letter sent to the prosecutor general's office, Moro asked Augusto Aras to initiate an investigation to investigate the circumstances of the porter's testimony before the civil police in Rio. "Inconsistency suggests a possible error in the investigation in Rio. possible attempt to improperly include the name of the President of the Republic in the crime in question, which may constitute crimes consisting in obstructing justice, misleading or slandering (…). he was wrong or was unknowingly used by third parties for these purposes, "wrote Moro, who was a federal judge in Operation Lava Jato. Aras said he would carry out this investigation.

Like Witzel, he is directly responsible for civil police, Moro, being the Minister of Justice, is directly responsible for federal police. But you should not have access to confidential investigations. However, it has an even longer history of potential interference with the corporation. During the June press conference, Bolsonaro said that the Minister of Justice had disclosed to the President information about what has been following PF so far regarding the orange candidates in the PSL. The following month, Moro also showed influence on the hacker investigation, which gained access to the news of Lava Jato prosecutors disclosed by the portal. capturing, promising that the material collected by PF will be destroyed.

Can the president's request to Moro and his letter sent to the state farms interfere? "If Moro understands that there is a crime or material fact that can be investigated, he should report it or make a formal investigation to the federal police or, preferably, the federal prosecutor. to do with information: examine, submit, etc. "- explained Mafei. "The Minister of Justice directly ordering PF to move police equipment to get the president out of the trouble he was faced with by another investigation is absolutely inappropriate. Pursuant to Act 1.079 / 1950, such an act, even if practiced at the behest of the President of the Republic of Poland, would mean a crime of ministerial responsibility, because it involves exposing a grossly illegal order, "completed.

Regarding the letter sent to the state farm, which questions the porter's testimony, Mafei claims that Moro "again acts as the president's representative," which is inconsistent with his position. "By comparison, in the case of Dilma's accusation, Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo (if I'm not mistaken) left MJ and became AGU to be able to defend him against the Chamber and the Senate, precisely because the Minister of Justice is not a government lawyer. In this case, Moro intentionally uses the weight of his position to provoke the investigating authorities to move in the direction that best suits Jair Bolsonaro, "he explained.

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