Monday , January 25 2021

Tays cries after fighting Jake, and Biel detonates a peoa

While Jakelyne Oliveira was furious with anger over the fight, Biel and Tays Reis went together to the “High Scool” party, at dawn today, on “A Fazenda 2020”. The singer cried over the confusion with her friend, and the funkeiro detonated the model responsible for the pair’s fights.

Biel and Tays were still dancing on the dance floor after the commotion. Funkeiro even celebrated the fight against Jakelyne for understanding that the paoa mask had fallen.

This girl’s mask has finally come off and you are awesome. I was sad to see the face *** when you treated me badly when that motherfucker ** went to put it all in your head. Got it, Tays. You required to feel like me, man. Though I don’t answer, I love you.

“Go get this up your ass, asshole. That’s why I was pissed off, Gabriel. What I wanted to talk to you about was different than what I heard, ”Tays attacked.

Until now, Biel was surprised by the ex’s reaction and asked her if she was in pain from his own words or said he told me about the model.

White: Have you heard from me?

Tays Reis: But when I spoke live, you said you were going to talk to me. Are you here to talk?

White: I had to respect your time!

Tays Reis: My time, my ass!

White: You said live that you were disappointed in me.

Tays Reis: Really.

White: Not live? Did I disappoint you or what other people brought you that disappointed you? Understood? That’s why I was pissed. When I’m wrong, it’s easier to cheer me on than when someone goes to talk. I’ve never had a relationship with that girl.

Tays Reis: Talk to this girl and then talk to her normally. He hates me.

White: Out of respect for you, man.

Tays Reis: I can not. You must do what your heart tells you.

White: Okay, tomorrow I won’t talk to her anymore. I have no other word with this girl. It will be even better for me. I want more that mine has passed **. Masked Guy ***. You are the heart and she is the daughter of the fucking.

In the face of criticism from her friend Tays Reis, she cried out because she liked the model and had regard for the friendship created in “A Fazenda 12”.

I’m afraid. I’m really scared. I didn’t want to put it inside. There, Gabriel. “

“Couple, you are not alone. She is the player. Her mask has come off,” Biel finished.

Who deserves to win after Raissa Barbosa’s elimination?


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