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The death of a 20-year-old actor evokes great fanfare; I understand

Actor Cameron Boyce died last Saturday (6), surprising all his fans. At just 20 years old, the actor was already well known in the world of entertainment, working in the Descendentes franchise, Disney Studios.

The young actor was found unconscious in his home, and according to information released by his family spokesperson and published in People magazine, Boyce's death was caused by the epilepsy he was already living with.

The statement says he died of an attack, a chronic illness he was already healing. But later my father said it was because of epilepsy. This message raises a lot of attention in a case that is not very commented, but very dangerous, SUDEP.

SUDEP, short for "Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy", which literally translated as "Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy", is the name given to death, which occurs due to this disease, without any trace of anatomical or toxicological information about the cause of death. This issue is not much discussed with people who have this disease or their families, but talking about it can help save a life.

According to the WHO, epilepsy is a chronic disease that causes electrical discharges that allow the brain to function properly, occurring in an unusual or excessive way. Thanks to this the body has some convulsions.

SUDEP is one of the main causes of death for people suffering from this disease, and according to Dr. Fulvio Scorza, it is classified as death, which happens in a non-traumatic manner, and sometimes a person can present signs of an attack before death.

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