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The magazine presents Mandetta as a "proud father" who uses pastoral work to favor his daughter – Jornal Midiamax

After President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) raises controversy over the appointment of his son, ambassador and son of Vice Carlos Mourão after 20 years of career in Banco do Brasil, it is the turn of Minister of Health Luiz Henrique Mandetta (DEM) to be honored for using ministerial contacts and support for her daughter's law firm that defends health insurance providers.

The subject was disclosed in Veja Magazine in issue 2654, which will go on sale on October 2. According to Marina Alves, Mandetta graduated in 2015 and is growing. What revealed his father's interference in this process was the episode of Mandetta's visit to the recent congress of the Brazilian Association of Health Plans with Marina.

The meeting took place in August, which was attended by 150 companies from the sector to make demands to the government. The speaker during the event, the minister mentioned the presence of his daughter. "People of the 21st century will be absolutely fantastic. We will live better. We will live longer. I will be able to enjoy Gabriel here with my daughter Marina who has been here for much longer than my mother and father enjoyed their grandchildren, "says the report.

At the end of his speech, the lawyer distributed cards to congress participants, informing them of his experience in the industry. "I don't see any conflict of interest. I forwarded the contact to the person who asked me. People are curious and want contact with the daughter of the minister – he said in the magazine. "We work only in court disputes. We do not do anything at the administrative level precisely because of ANS [Agência Nacional de Saúde Suplementar] reports to the Ministry of Health, "he added.

The problem is that ANS, subordinate to Mandetta, is responsible for regulating the implementation of health plans whose main stakeholders are Marina's clients. "There was no reference to my daughter's profession or her company," said Minister Veji, denying clients' attachment to his daughter's image. "She just took part in an event her clients attended, something routine and public," he said. The lawyer's participation in the congress was a guest of the minister, not through the accreditation of her company.

Report from Midiamax newspaper he tried to contact the minister in the matter, but he did not answer or call back.

Solo career

As a partner in the office, until the end of last year, Marina dealt with processes in Unimed Rio, a company she took into the company's portfolio. In November 2018, Mandetta was proclaimed the Minister of Health, and a day later the lawyer formally left the office and opened Mandetta Lawyers on December 13.

Unimed Rio accompanied her on her way, and this year she gained two more clients from the sector, Unimed Seguros and Unimed Central Nacional. According to the report, the lawyer moved more easily to Brasilia and São Paulo, sometimes in the company of her father.

Public law

Not to mention the names, the magazine consulted on this matter with the main public law lawyer from the Federal University of Pernambuco and the chairman of the Public Ethics Committee in 2016-2018, lawyer Mauro de Azevedo Menezes.

In his opinion, the conspiracy presented is "very serious" because the law prohibits the use of this item for the benefit of him or his family, and the situation can even be configured as improbable, with implications in the criminal sphere.

"I think in Brazil, unfortunately, is becoming widespread violation of the border between public and private at a high level, and this is a crisis in our Commonwealth," he told the magazine, who remembered the exchange of favors for family members. The Odebrecht case with relatives of former President Lula. However, the publication admits that there is no evidence that this is the purpose of health insurance operators when hiring the minister's daughter's office.

In 2016, Mandetta was the president of Unimed Campo Grande. In the same year, he warned his daughter about the competition, and she won. Last year, he heard Unimed directors urge the government to release the emergency portion of the financial reserve that insurers must maintain.

In the case of Unimed, $ 8 billion of real money has been detained. Another proposal is deregulation of the sector to facilitate adjustments by age group. At the congress, in which Mandetta was accompanied by his daughter, the minister opted for elections. But he assures that there is no connection between her possession and the growth of her daughter, because she claims that she gained clients in the field of health solely because of her competence.

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