The new BMW 3 Series, SP star salon, will be sold and produced in Brazil


The seventh generation of the iconic sedan will be produced at Araquari (SC) as part of an investment worth USD 125 million

Just a month later make a global debut at the Paris Motor Showthe seventh generation of the BMW 3 series was an element of German surprise São Paulo Motor Show 2018.

His triumphant arrival, with the right to occupy the stand, did not go too far: BMW confirmed the introduction of the model in the second half of 2019. And announced an investment of $ 125 million in the Araquari (SC) installation for locally produced.

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This contribution will also contribute to the nationalization of the production of the SUV-X4 middle coupe and will be used especially in the welding and painting sector.

Although the Santa Catarina complex is not ready for assembly of three volumes, it is possible (not to say that probable) that the manufacturer will start selling through imports from Germany.

What changes in the Series 3

It grows virtually in every dimension – it is 8.5 centimeters more in length, 1.6 cm in width and an additional 4.1 cm in the wheelbase – Series 3 has gained a more serious look, inherited from the cousin of Series 7.

The front grille has become louder and wider, in combination with headlamps, whose light section at the base – surprisingly – resembles the latest models of the French Peugeot.

The traditional double LED lighting was reinterpreted by the brand's designers both in the front and third volume, because the two-part lanterns were stretched and had two parts fully aligned, creating a single rectangular structure.

The L-shaped guides are inspired by the X4, but they also resemble Japanese-American Lexus models, and even rival Mercedes-Benz cars. Laminated side windows are optional, as is the wider roof. The aerodynamic coefficient is impressive 0.23 Cd.

Another great attraction is the technological evolution. The new 3 series includes a 12.3-inch digital center console with a 10.25-inch touch screen – goodbye, knob! – virtual cognitive assistant, adaptive cruise control with independent braking and support for movement (controls the speed in the middle of the congestion), stay in motion and intersection.

There is even an option to unlock the door and start the engine using the mobile application. It remains to be seen whether all these items will be brought or will be last appeared in X2.

Automotive should be 2.0 turboflex versions 320i (184 hp) and 438i (256 hp). Versions with larger cube propellers and sport bias should always be imported. You probably will not wait Newly released 1.5 turboflex X2.

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Inside the SP Lounge

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