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The operation examines a tip for politicians in exchange for the resolution of the Senate in County Dublin

The Federal Police is carrying out an operation on Thursday morning to investigate the alleged bribes paid by Odebrecht to Senator Romero Jucá (MDB-RR) in exchange for the approval in 2012 of the Senate Resolution limiting the so-called fiscal war in ports. "Nine search and seizure orders were issued in the state of São Paulo.

However, Jucá is not directly the target of this farm, known as the Truce. The operation is part of an investigation, already opened in the Supreme Court, in which the senator is examined. The objectives of this farm, kept secret, are people who would benefit from a resolution passed in the Senate.

According to PF, the senator would receive $ 4 million illegally from Odebrecht. However, ex-director of institutional relations Odebrecht, Cláudio Melo Filho, said in a statement that the transfer to Jucá was from 15 $ to 16 million R $. Cláudio confirmed that Jucá was a politician with whom he had more relationships. "He was attentive to the company and solved problems."

Romero Jucá stated, with the help of a note, that "it is not the target of a ceasefire operation". "He has already provided all information on the ICMS standardization solution, which has been approved in the Federal Senate," the Senator has repeatedly accused of the progress of research so that everything can be explained as quickly as possible, the text says.

Commenting on the allegations, last year Jucá said he always acted under legislation. "I have always been and always will be at the disposal of Justice to provide any information: in my election campaigns I have always acted in accordance with the legislation, and all my bills have been approved."

In addition to Jucá, the investigation concerns Senator Renana Calheiros (MDB-AL) and former Senator Gima Argello.

At the request of the General Prosecutor of the Republic, Raquel Dodge, the rapporteur on the STF, Minister Edson Fachin, ordered the implementation of the measures.

According to PGR, undue payments were mentioned in the statements of three employees, including Marcelo Odebrecht. The executive director told the investigators that he was talking to members of the federal board who indicated that they could "work on this issue in the Senate." The documents that led to the investigation indicate that payments were made in kind and began shortly after approval of the case in the Senate, which took place on April 24, 2012.

Also, according to co-workers, payments were coordinated by the Odebrecht structural sector. To obtain the appearance of legality and justify the transfer of value, fictitious service contracts were signed. "Through this brilliant washing plan, Odebrecht provided doleiro, who transferred the money to the Brazilian authorities, and at the same time hindered the tracking of the true origin of the cash," Dodge said.

Researchers have already accumulated evidence of corruption and money laundering practices.

All Truce warrants are intended for search and seizure and have been served in the following cities:

  • 7 in São Paulo;
  • 1 in Santos;
  • 1 in Campo Limpo Paulista.

In the capital of São Paulo, the federal police went to the headquarters of Odebrecht in Marginal Pinheiros and the office in Itaim Bibi, in the Western Zone.

Operation with Romero Jucá fulfills the condition of searching and occupying the SP

Operation with Romero Jucá fulfills the condition of searching and occupying the SP

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