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With the anticipation of the congestion of Ressacada, Avaí receives the Fortress at the "end" of the B Series.

Avaí, the author of Renato, is very close to returning to Serie A - Avaí FC / disclosure
Avaí, the author of Renato, is very close to returning to Serie A – Avaí FC / disclosure

Saturday's football in the south of the island can be quietly the most important of all days of the year so far. Duel Avaí and Fortaleza on the penultimate round of B series, at 17:30, with similar goals and at the same time very distant. The Azure Lion needs a victory to direct its return to the national football elite. Tricolor Lion, the Fortress, already knows that he will compete in Serie A in 2019 and he wants the Segundon title.

Cross-country championships are known for their closeness to football in the face of size. The first two divisions of Brazil reward the most effective regulation that attracts not only fans but others. Another feature of this model is the need for approval. Every day, round after round, it should be (if) proven in the competition. In the case of Avaí it is necessary to prove that the team is fighting for one of four free places, and for this must win the match in front of the Rogério Ceni team.

"We realize that we rely solely on ourselves, of course, if the parallel results help, thank you so much, but we have to do our part, and if we do our part, we will achieve results," Geninho told the press conference Friday afternoon in the south.

Aware of this need, Aveiro's board maintained, for the third time in a row, the promotional nature of tickets, which can be purchased from 5 R $. Another novelty appeared on this Friday, through a publication that encourages #caronavaiana. From hashtagfans will be able to drive towards the south of the island to fill Ressacada.

The only doubt is the presence of the Judson steering wheel. This week, at dawn last Tuesday, the athlete lost his mother-in-law who died. He was withdrawn during the break of the match with Atlético-GO, according to Geninho, being "emotionally totally destroyed". According to the commander, only during the game will it be known whether the shirt will play. "You need to know what Judson's head looks like."

If the Judson steering wheel can not, there is a mystery. Natural substitute, Luan, took third yellow and did not play. The right to embezzlement is due to concrete, suspended on the third yellow. Marquinhos Silva and Airton will play together for the first time without the presence of the team captain.

On the side of the opponent's spirit and the possibility of the title. The stronghold plays through the point to mathematically titled the series B caneco. Tricolor is in full cast with Florianópolis.

Data sheet:

Avaí: Koźliński; Guga, Airton, Marquinhos Silva and Igor (Capa); Judson (Marcão), Matheus Barbosa (Pedro Castro) and Marquinhos; Renato, Rodrigão and Getúlio. Technician: Geninho.

Fortaleza Marcelo Boeck; Tinga, Diego Jussani, Ligger and Bruno Melo; Felipe, Marlon and Dodo; Éderson, Gustavo and Marcinho. Technician: Rogério Ceni.

Location: Ressacada stadium in Florianópolis-SC Date: 11/10/18 Time: 5:30 pm

Arbitration: Wagner Nascimento Magalhães-RJ; Rodrigo Figueiredo Henrique Corrêa-RJ and Carlos Henrique Alves de Lima Filho-RJ.

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