Again, the Schumacher-Vettel tandem will go to Germany



Again, the Schumacher-Vettel tandem will go in the attractive race race Race of Champions. His next edition will take place on January 19 in Mexico.

The German team will consist of Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. Formula One legend Michael Schumacher won this year's European Formula 3. 19-year-old Mick will replace his father in tandem with Vettel. Michael and Sebastian won the Race of Champions six times in a row – from 2007 to 2012. They have 11 titles in Formula 1 (7 + 4).

On January 19, the race will take place at the baseball stadium next to the Mexico City racetrack.

"Inviting me to participate is a great honor for me, it's great that we will go with Sebastian to the German team, just like Dad. My father loved this race," said cheerful Mick.

December 29, 5 years after the incident in France with Michael Schumacher. He suffered a severe head injury when skiing. There is no specific information about his condition.

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