Akrapovich confessed to quarrel in Loko (Plovdiv) and compared CSKA to Bayern


CSKA coach Bruno Akrapovic revealed to the media in his home country that he had refused to take over Bosnia and Herzegovina. The specialist made an interesting comparison of the “reds” with Bayern Munich.

“Zvezdan Misimovic called me before I took over CSKA. We decided to keep the conversation a secret as I didn’t want to increase the tension. Besides, I had an argument with my former club – Lokomotiv (Plovdiv). In the meantime, CSKA called me and I had to think and decide which offer to accept. Take a risk and wait for the coach position, i.e. lead CSKA. In the end, I decided that it was not yet time for me to lead Bosnia and Herzegovina, I still need to work on myself. But my goal is one day to lead my homeland, ”Akrapovich told sportske.ba.

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“When it comes to CSKA – there is a big difference to my previous club. From the entire organization to all kinds of opportunities. You know, when CSKA rings it is equivalent to calling from Bayern Munich. Just pack your bags and leave! I am flattered that they stopped at me. This means I did a good job and it didn’t go unnoticed. In my new team, I changed the way we played, we started to play harder and I hope we can get better over time, ”he added.


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