CSKA will argue with Brighton as a Brazilian from Sweden


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CSKA has clearly focused its eyes on the Swedish market. After it became clear that the "red" scouts liked Villar Eskelinenen's goalkeeper and defender Erik Bjöknder, now they are also heading for the left defender.

According to the prestigious Expressen edition, the Brazilian Vivaldo Netto Borgis, who is on the left wing of the local defense of Hammarbi, ended the campaign in the fourth position in the classification.

But attracting a 22-year-old player will be quite a complicated operation. The Swedes estimate it for at least EUR 2 million and they are not going to withdraw in any way. In addition, there is a huge competition for his signature.

The publication also states that the Brighton Premier League is also interested in the boyfriend. Besides, Hammarby is in no hurry to sell him, but if he succeeds, his desire to play in a really strong championship will be taken into account, which makes the chances of the Bulgarian team minimal.


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