Dirty pop folk games! Desi Slava’s boyfriend cut her …


The career of folk singer Desi Slava may once again prove to be a stone of contention in her relationship, and the angelic voice in folk always falls on jealous men who oppose the nightlife.

The last half of the singer, MMA fighter Blagoy Naidenov, is also painfully jealous and does not like the fact that his wife writhes in stockings and shows her naked body in the movies.

The couple recently had a major quarrel after the singer agreed to participate in “The Masked Singer” (like Macaroni) and started going out every Saturday with various excuses. On her second departure from home, a scandal broke out, which forced her to confess the whole truth, despite the signed agreement to keep her participation secret, even in the presence of loved ones.

Fans of the plump singer are worried about Blagoy’s jealousy and are afraid that the singer will stop her music career at some point. “She had the same problem with Zarko and then she chose a career. I don’t think she will sacrifice her family again for the sake of work, especially since the last two years have been disastrous for her and for the whole genre, ”wrote one fan. people’s throats, writes show.blitz.bg.


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