Dr. Branzalov talked about K-19, the vaccine, and carp versus carp


I am very optimistic about the outcome of the pandemic. Let’s not plug the holes with carp, but be constructive. This was stated by Dr. Nikolay Branzalov, who will be part of the National Vaccination Office.

“We need to work as a team so that everyone can help vaccinate the COVID population as quickly and accurately as possible,” he added.

“The main burden will not be on GPs at first. The first to get vaccinated will be the frontline people – those in the hospitals, “said Branzalov, adding that the first step would be to screen people who want to be vaccinated and added,” You need to know the exact number to use resources efficiently. “

“The day I found out I would be part of this headquarters, the first 10 patients came to my office and 9 of them told me they would be vaccinated. It surprised me, but also made me happy, ”he admitted.

According to him, the vaccine is now the main weapon to fight this evil.

“We’re fighting an unknown infection. The vaccine is already a fact 60,000 people will be vaccinated in the first moment. However, it is two-fold. After 21 days, it repeats againoh, the doctor explained.

Branzalov also commented on Pfizer’s problem with vaccine production: “This is normal, but it will not affect Bulgaria. In the first stage of vaccination we will have 120,000 doses for 60,000 people. We start with this vaccine, but learn on the go. The important thing is that the first step has been made, ”added the expert.

According to him, there will be problems and nothing will go smoothly. “We are ready for this challenge. We have few refrigerators to store the vaccine for a long time, ”admitted Branzalov.

“GPs know which people are at risk because they know their patients. They will have priority over vaccinations as long as they respond, he added.

Branzalov urged us not to film with chips. “I come across all sorts of nonsense on the web. To get the vaccine approved by so many authorities means everything went well. In your studio, I am ready to give it to me personally to convince people to vaccinate. “, He said.


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