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Duchess Kate and Megan show that they are not quarrels (PHOTOS) – World

later nine months with rumors for their relationship, wives grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II – Kate Middleton and Megan Markelon for the first time he appeared at a public event and demonstrated united front, writes the Daily Mail.

Two ladieswho is on 37 years old, with the participation of final for women with Tanned Wimbledonto which he wins Romanian Simona Dalep.

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kate and megan former the most elegant female audience tennis tennis. kate betted green dress, a megan with a white shirt and white skirt with a blue motif. They both looked friendly they spoke to each other they smiled one to another and even touched.

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According expertscounting body languagetwo royal ones vows not only did they demonstrate a united front against rumors that they were argumentative, but they showed that they really are friendship is growing.

Analysts believe that kate, who first entered the British royal family, received advice from The 93-year-old queen Elisabeth II how to behave to put an end to it ugly rumors.

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Final with Wimbledon she was also an opportunity for Kate and her sister Pipa Middleton appear together for for the first time in a public place by 7 yearsadded.

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