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Konstantin and Raina threw a shocking bomb again …

The long-standing saga between Raina and Constantine underwent a new twist, but this time positive. After the separation of two people in 2009 after a six-year relationship, their relationship gradually fell apart. So far!

A recent photo of Pop Folk Chicken on social media confirmed the return between them. Under the photo in her personal profile, Rainy Konstantin bothers to ask her what she is doing, and replies succinctly that she is getting better.

However, the extent to which this seemingly innocent chat with some catchy elements will have a normal impact on Konstantin's wife – Nadia will still be visible.

It is recalled that a year after parting with Raina, Constantine faithfully approaches the beautiful Hope, with whom they still seem to be happily in love and proudly raising two children.

Source: show.blitz.bg

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