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Newcastle won the third consecutive Premier League victory. In the 13th round of the duel "Swords" defeated Burnout 2: 1 on Thorpe Moore.

Raphael Benítez's first goal for the team fell 4 minutes after a happy Ben Mee reign after Kean Clark's shot. The latter wins the second goal in the 23rd minute. For the hosts, Sam Vauks was right.

The meeting started half an hour later. The reason was that Judge Observer Eddie Woodshoum was injured shortly before firing the two components in the tunnel. So, after receiving medical help, he was taken to the hospital, and the first judge spoke at 22:30 instead of 22:00.

Otherwise, the fight itself was attractive in many situations, both in front of two doors. Both teams showed the correct game, the first yellow card was shown in the fourth minute of the added match time. Matt Richie got it.

Newcastle led to Burnley in the 13th Premier League round. After making the bend to the right of the attack, the ball was played and it reached Cairn Clark, which was frontally at the front door of the pennant. He fired the right foot, he bounced in Ben Mie, and the ball hit the home grid 1: 0.

The advantage of Newcastle rose to 2-0 in the 23rd minute. The goal was the same as the first – after the corner, to the right of the door to Burnley. The guests played a short game and then focused on Richie's penalty area, and Keiran Clark managed to beat the net.

Intrigue in the match was returned in 40 minutes. In the middle Sam Vouks managed to jump from a difficult position, having managed to beat the goalkeeper Dubravka at 1: 2.

After the break the guests came to a very clean situation in the 50th minute. Matt Ritchie took a great break in the pennants and shot dangerously, but the ball flew past the left post.

Burnley replied in the 68th minute, when Chris Wood managed to control the bouncing ball in the field, set and shoot, but the guard pondered.

"Sharks" had a great chance to solve the game in the 79th minute. Hoselo left a very clean place on the left and made a great shot on the ground, but the ball was directed to the left pole.

In the remaining minutes until the end both teams did not stop attacking, but no new ones appeared.

Thanks to this development Newcastle brought 12 points in 13th place. Burnley is 17th out of 9.

In the 14th round "swarms" take West Ham, and Burnley hosts Crystal Palace.


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