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Niki Kanchev revealed interesting facts about Philip Kirkorov FOTO

Niki Kanchev often shares stories about her friendships with popular native and world stars. The star of Russian popular music, Philip Kirkorov, is one of them, writes Shaw.

With Kirkorov, a journalist has been a friend for almost 30 years, and the memories he recently revealed on social networks about him will certainly be the source of many comments.

"Behind these smiles and brilliance is almost 30 years of friendship. I was a novice journalist, stupidly in love with music, and I walked and appreciated everything.

He was a novice singer, crazy in love with the stage and singing, and went alone in Sofia, looking for himself.

Now Philip is a mega star, Celine Dion hugs him, the magician Franco Dragoon staged him his last concert, "Ya and Ya", writing Russian songs for Eurovision every year.

Go and look at it today in Burgas, on Friday in Varna, where he lives for a long time on Belasitsa street, on June 17 in Rousse. There are many reasons to do it. Such a spectacle soon was not exported to Bulgaria.

Otherwise, he still loves Bulgaria, he becomes a master in Bulgarian, he feels the son of this land, not forgetting that his mother lies in Malashevtsi … Kanchev and Kirkorov – something above friendship! ", He writes in Niki Kanchev's profile on your social networks.

We remember that today the great star of the Russian pop star visited the grave of his mother, Wiktoria Liszczaczowa – Kirkorova in Malashevtsi, and took her with flowers.

"I will never forget you, mother," shouted the performer to his bodyguards. The woman he adored and who had insisted on getting married for 18 years, Alla Pugachova, left the world more than 20 years ago.

Victoria did not overcome her cancer and dies shortly after the birth of her son – 30 April, when Kirkorov is 27 years old. His mother's death causes a huge singer's injury and he still feels guilty that he could not save her.

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