The bride from “The Masked Singer” entered the stage a few hours after her father was buried (VIDEO)


The singer behind the pink helmet did not prevent her from performing despite her regret

Nevena Tsoneva, who hid behind the Bride’s mask in “The Masked Singer” 2, couldn’t hold back her tears in the final episode of the show. She admitted that about a month ago she experienced one of the most difficult moments in her life – the death of her father, and the producer of the hit show Magardich Halvadjian said that Nevena appeared on stage a few hours after her father was buried.

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Despite the regret, the singer gathered strength and did not interfere with her life.

“She had all the reasons why she didn’t come. We were ready for it, but she didn’t give up, ”said Halvadjian and expressed his admiration for the professionalism of the singer.

Nevena Tsoneva took second place in “The Masked Singer”.

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