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The first version of the death of the underground signage in Burgas – news Criminal records】 • Crime, accidents and incidents

The theft of expensive mechanized construction equipment is probably at the root of the mysterious death of the legendary autocrat from Pomorie Plamen Stamatov – Pero, who are the winners of Lupa.bg. On Friday, the body of a 47-year-old jambasin was opened with a rifle in his head in a forested area on the Strandja mountain in Sredets.

The best criminals from MI seconded from Sofia joined the police investigation in Burgas, but at this stage the cops refuse all information, citing the investigative secret. The small data provided by the Ministry of the Interior is known that one week ago mother Pero reported her disappearance.

According to her parents, her son had sent an illegal wild boar hunt to Strandja and had not returned yet. The 47-year-old autocrat was last seen on Tuesday afternoon in the area of ​​the popular scandal center in Pomorie.

According to eyewitnesses from a friendly circle of Stamatow, he complained that he was followed by a black Opel car with registration in Sofia. The vehicle is searched by the police. It is quite possible, however, that this trail will prove to be false, approved by the Ministry of the Interior.

Plamen Stamatov – Pero, who has been stealing cars since the mid-1990s and has long been supported by the local criminal authority Yanko Gurov – Pomorie, is part of a criminal group for theft of excavators, trucks, tractors and other construction and agricultural machinery.

They say that in the last year Pero collaborated with Kostinbroda Borislav Lambeva and Deislav Kuchetka. Gang, which is a public secret that revolves around the search for a series of contract killings Yossif Yosifov – Kostinbrodsky, was shot down just a month ago on the GDOCC specialization.

Then, on June 14, dozens of anti-gangsters attacked the depot at Kostinbrod and opened a newly built truck, as well as cut excavators and tractors that had been stolen in Sofia in the last 2-3 months.

Criminologists say that Kücheka and Lambev mainly choose heavy vehicles that cut and sell parts of the black market. The team is suspected of stealing construction and agricultural machinery with a total market value of almost 1 million leva. Most of Lampen's and Kuecheka's gangs are still in custody. In action against the group from Kostinbrod Plamen Stamatov – Pero did not belong to the arrested, at that time he was in his hometown of Pomorie.

A representative of the Burgas underground remarked that the version that spreads on the street about Pero's murder is closely related to the arrests of Borislav Lambev and Delislav Kyucki. "Everyone says that Pero was beaten by the people of Iosko Kostinbrodski, he had serious frictions with his exorcists."

In Pomorie, Plamen Stamatov-Pero moved out of the city 4-5 years ago and lived in Spain, returning to the sea only in the summer. However, in the underground they say differently – that Stamatow was delighted with winter months in Sofia, and when he made a few strokes in stealing a truck and tractor, he flew to Spain.

Plamen Stamatov, 47, is one of the pioneers of car thefts in Burgas and the region. In the mid-1990s, he was dismissed by the SICK & # 39; cups, and after lifting the limo to Stoil Slavova's wife, Teleta. Over a dozen years ago, Pero kidnapped and armored the "Audi" of the deceased Russian hairdresser, Dennis Ershov, and then covered it for several months until the tension ceased. Pero was repeatedly detained by the Ministry of the Interior, but he was never in prison with an effective sentence.

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