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A woman's sister found dead in the northwest of the city "devastated"

Police investigate the suspected death of a woman in 133 Avenue and 140 Street after she was summoned around 7am on Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

David Bloom / Postmedia

Robyn Dawnn wants to set a record for her sister Rebecca "Becca" Hunter, who was found dead on Wednesday morning in the northwest of the city.

"I want to speak for my sister," she said. "He can't speak anymore."

The police were called to 133 Avenue and 140 Street just before 7am after reporting a dead woman outside the tenement house complex. On Thursday, the police identified her as a 35-year-old huntress.

The Chief Physician's Office had an autopsy on Thursday, but the police did not reveal the cause of death until more medical examinations were performed.

Police said investigators still treat death as a suspect.

Dawn, who lives just a few blocks from where Hunter was found, said she did not know the details of what happened at the end of her sister's life, except that she was visiting a friend.

"I don't know why she went there, but she went there at the expense of her own life," Dawnn said. "He doesn't live in this place of residence. The way it is published makes my sister look like a link to domestic violence. It's not about that. My sister was a good person. She was a loving mother. She had a beautiful heart. "

Dawnn said she and the rest of the family were devastated after learning what had happened. Dawnn plans to hold a candle vigil to commemorate his sister's life and reveal the details to friends and family as soon as he works out.

She said everyone was still in shock.

"I'm really devastated at how fast and how fast it will happen," she said. "My sister had problems like everyone else. I think it was the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course, something broke, I don't know what happened, (but) it's really unfortunate that it cost her her life. "

Hailing from Saddle Lake Cree Nation Hunter, the mother of three, she moved to the city over the past year. She often traveled back and forth between Edmonton and Vilnius, where her mother and children live.

Dawnn described her sister as a happy person who loved to make people laugh and was always open with them.

"You see what you have," she added. "Everyone who knew her loved her. She just had that presence. She knew how to illuminate the whole house.

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