Monday , December 9 2019
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AEW He rejected proposals to buy Wrestling IMPACT

As the New Year approaches, all Elite Wrestling is constantly growing and it looks like another company wanted to be "All In" with their inevitable start.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer newsletter (with subscription), "forces" intended to sell IMPACT Wrestling to AEW, which was rejected. Report by Dave & Meltzer announced that when The Fight Network loses the UFC at the beginning of the year, Anthem still has reason to keep IMPACT around him. Moving from 20-22 at night to Friday at 22.00-12.00 was strategic to prepare for the SmackDown Live transition from WWE in October to the Fox network. As previously reported, IMPACT Wrestling will leave Pop TV on the Pursuit channel after "Back & # 39; pay-per-view event in January.

All Elite Wrestling, founded by The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes, are currently reporting different brands in connection with Tony Khan, the son of the owner of Jacksonville Jaguar, Shahid Khan.

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