Sunday , May 16 2021

BREAKTHROUGH: First COVID-19 school outbreak announced in CC

Chatham-Kent health physician Dr. David Colby announced the COVID-19 outbreak at Winston Churchill Public School in Chatham.

While the cases have already been confirmed in schools, this is the first school outbreak to be announced in Chatham-Kent.

Health officials said Saturday the outbreak at school is announced when there are two or more positive cases and when transmission has been confirmed in the school community.

The health department said parents and guardians, as well as students and staff at Winston Churchill Public School, have been notified.

Anyone who came into direct contact with a positive case was told to isolate and test. People who have not been contacted by public health officials do not need to be investigated.

Public School Winston Churchill will remain open.

As of Friday, the health department reported 32 active COVID-19 cases in Chatham-Kent with one hospital resident. The Lambton-Kent Public School Board reported two confirmed cases at Winston Churchill Public School on Friday morning.

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