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Captain Marvel and Mar-Vell merge in an exclusive image News Cinema

2019 will be a great year for Marvel. Not only The Avengers fight against Thanos in Final stage and Spider-Man is located Far away from home in the summer – but before all this we will get to know the most powerful being that the MCU ever knows: Carol Danvers, or Captain Marvel. RoomBrie Larson is on board to play the former human fighter pilot who ends up being saturated with cosmic powers and foreign legacy thanks to the kindness of Kree – the intergalactic race leading the ongoing war with shape-changing Skrulls. It is a conflict in which Danvers is taken command of Mar-Vella Judy Law in a military unit called StarForce.

Empire has exclusivity Captain Marvel picture, as seen in the new issue of Ultimate 2019 Preview, showing Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers at the time of cooperation. Or, if you have armwrestling in the air, you decide.

Captain Marvel - exclusive

Read more about Captain Marvel in February 2019 edition Empirethat goes to kiosks on December 27 – and was tuned to the March issue with a huge Captain Marvel Exclusive.

Empire - February 2019

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