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Cryptocurrencies may be the first asset class in 2019

Stock markets all over the world enter the bear market. Many believe that cryptocurrencies can become the best performing asset class in 2019.

Cryptocurrencies may be better than other markets next year

Travis Kling is a self-appointed manager of the ex-equity portfolio. He is obsessed with cryptocurrencies and now he is climbing the ladder of a Japanese company dealing with cryptocurrency assets management Ikigai. Kling believes that cryptocurrencies will be a great asset class to invest in 2019 Tweets:

"Crypto has never been a bear market in traditional assets. BTC it was born at the very beginning of the largest global monetary experiment that has ever been coordinated with global quantitative easing (QE). Termination of QE causes pain. There is a significant chance that Crypto is the best-performing asset class in 2019. "

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During the recent articlemany experts in the cryptographic industry share Kling's sentiment about cryptocurrencies, which become the best-performing asset class in 2019. They claim that developers have improved the cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure in 2018, while the market has fallen. The prospect is better than ever.

It is very interesting that cryptocurrencies are growing, and the stock market is falling apart and is close to entering the bear market.

Cryptocurrencies grow in the damaged financial system

Kling stated that Nakamoto creates bitcoin at a time when the world coordinates quantitative easing. This means lowering interest rates and buying trillions of dollars in government bonds and mortgage-backed securities. The transfer potentially saved the US from major depression. Other global economies have followed the purchase of bonds and increased market liquidity to drive economic growth.

Bloomberg He revealed in October 2018, that the world's largest banks began to reduce their bonds. The United States is leading, as well as rising interest rates, allowing economies to operate independently without the intervention of central banks. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain they appeared just after the last bear market and were not "active" during the recession. Kling claims that the volatility in the stock market affected the cryptocurrency market. However, he believes that cryptocurrencies may be at the bottom of the stock market.

"It would be perfectly clear to me that the crypto would end months before traditional asset classes."

Soon, we will all have to pay the price. The stock market is falling dramatically, and Nasdaq is flirt with the bear type conditions. This is the first time since 2009. If the stock market continues to fall, investors will look for other asset classes. During other recessions investors paid attention to gold and silver. We could already see a return on swimming, because $ 30 billion has returned to the cryptography market in recent weeks, according to Can cryptocurrencies become such an asset class?

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