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Divorce files Usher – Entertainment news

December 29, 2018 / 8:00 | Story:

Keira Knightley was afraid that her OBE letter was a tax claim and did not open it for several days.

The actress received the prize for the best ruler of the British Empire from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace on December 13th. He says that Graham Norton, the host of Chat Graham Norton, has stalled by opening a letter that revealed she was chosen because of high honor because she thought it was a nasty note from tax collectors.

"I did not open the envelope for about three days," he says. "It was from the Interior Ministry and it was frightening because I thought I had tax problems and that I ruined them and that they were going to take home, so I hid this letter!

"After three days, I thought," I'm a mother, I'm responsible and I'm going to tell my husband that I screwed up, "so I opened it and it was a reward!"

Keira was also surprised when she closed her mouth behind the stage with her husband Dominik West in their upcoming biopic Colette, revealing that the kiss was not sexy.

"He had to wear a thick suit that was problematic for him at 40 (degrees) temperatures, so they created a cooling system inside, so it looked like he had a colostomy bag on his side," he recalls. "Dominic is a very sexy man and he had to wear a suit, a bag and have terrifying facial hair.

"I was very excited about the prospect of kissing such an attractive man in the beginning, I thought it would be quite nice, but it was a bit like a walrus kiss!"

Colette, which also features Aiysha Hart, Eleanor Tomlinson and Fiona Shaw, reaches theaters in January.

Keira's interview was recorded for the New Year's Eve program Norton, as well as Guy Pearce, Catherine Tate, Olivia Colman, Nicholas Hoult and singer Rita Ora, who made an impression on the host and his guests, showing off the party party and feeling the alphabet.


| Story:

Usher filed for divorce to officially end his three-year marriage with Grace Miguel.

On Friday, the singer filed papers in Georgia, using the same plenipotentiary, whom he stopped in the previous fight for taking care of his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, according to The Blast.

Usher and Miguel, who previously worked as Yeah! hitmaker manager, he joined the knot in 2015 and shared this year, issuing a joint statement confirming the separation.

It read: "After many reflections and considerations, we decided to separate as a marriage.

"We remain deeply bound, loving friends who will continue to support each other in the next phases of our lives, and the enormous amount of love and respect we have for ourselves will increase only as we continue."

The singer had a mess 2018 among the claims he exhibited two people for herpes.

One unidentified male, known only as John Doe, volunteered last year claiming he had sex with an R & B hitmaker at a Los Angeles spa, and in June filed a request to force the singer to give details of his medical history to court, and also information about possible past settlements. This application was withdrawn.

John Doe's original complaint was filed under the suit filed by Quantasia Sharpton, who claimed that the musician put her in danger without telling her that she had allegedly had a sexually transmitted disease before joining the Days Inn after a concert at Atlantic City , NJ, in 2014.

She did not contract herpes, but she joined forces with John Doe and another woman, mentioned only as Jane Doe, to file an indefinite claim for alleged sexual encounters with Usher.

The father of the two abruptly denied the pleas in the lawsuit and previously asked for the matter to be dismissed.

He also fights a lawsuit against Laura Helm, who claims that during her unprotected sexual session with Usher, she contracted herpes in July 2017. The singer also denied her accusations.

December 29, 2018 / 7:52 | Story:

A hug from the cast of John Malkovich helped Sandra Bullock convey the emotions she needed to the difficult scene in the new Bird Box thriller.

Oscar winner admits that the acorns falling on the tin roof above her made it difficult to focus on her performance, which he met with love Trevante Rhodes, but the veteran Malkovich knew exactly what she needed to go through the sobbing scene.

"We were in this house and had a tin roof" – recalls the actress. – I am doing this scene in which I have to remember what I experienced while watching my sister's death. I will be talking about this Tre who will listen carefully, and then the acorn will fall on the ceiling.

"It was like a rain of acorn, and I just could not do it, and then, unexpectedly, John Malkovich jumps around the corner and embraces me tightly and just keeps me for a few seconds and walks out.

"He just turned off, and then came the water supply (for the stage)."

Apocalyptic thriller Bullock and Malkovich began streaming on Netflix just before Christmas and became one of the biggest Christmas hits, receiving enthusiastic reviews and many views.

The presentation of the heroine Speed, desperate, blindfolded mother trying to find a colony of people after a terrible global event, also inspired a number of memes.

The film has seen over 45 million people in the first week, breaking Netflix streaming recordings.

The new listing on the company's Twitter account reads: "He took my belt off this morning to discover that 45,037,125 Netflix accounts have already seen the Bird Box – the best first 7 days in Netflix's history!"


December 29, 2018 / 7:50 | Story:

Kanye West was "satisfied" when his wife Kim Kardashian was "slipping away" at the annual Christmas party.

The couple went to a winter wonderland party that took place in their Calabasas home in California on Christmas Eve, with guests including family members such as Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, and other A-listers such as Jennifer Lopez, Dave Chappelle, Kathy Griffin and John Legend.

Kim was dressed in a beautiful white dress with spaghetti pants, and after she went downstairs tossing artificial snow with her old friend, Paris Hilton, she suffered a defect in the dressing room, in that her dress was small – to Kanye's surprise .

"I know, I know, I know," said Kim, recording a video at a party founded by Spaghetti Boys, Kerwin Frost, when she covered herself with artificial fur. "I have to adjust, we were on the hill and everything went out, you know?"

Kanye added: "She had an interrogation at a Christmas Eve party, I was waiting for the audition and now I'm satisfied!"

In addition, Kerwin conducted interviews with several other guests in shindig, often stopping to ask about his favorite memories and Christmas traditions.

And at one point Kim stopped the interlocutor to tell him that her daughter, North, was a bit confused as to why he was wearing Santa's costume.

"North is coming," Mom, there's someone here who is not Santa Claus, who thinks it's Santa, "said the 38-year-old." And I said, "No, no, no, no, he's in okay, because Santa is very busy … he is now at the North Pole, everything is ready. "

December 29, 2018 / 7:48 | Story:

Zayn Malik provoked speculation about his relationship status when it turned out that he had not watched Gigi Hadid on Instagram.

The singer and supermodel began to meet at the end of 2015, but in March they called time for their relationship, announcing the division, publishing statements on their profiles in social media. Although the pair confirmed that they returned to each other in June, fans are wondering if they have gone their separate ways once again.

23-year-old Gigi still follows Hitloku Pillowtalk on Instagram, but her profile is not followed by 25-year-old Zayn, who was only connected to 28 users on Friday, including Reese Witherspoon, DJs Scott Mills and Nick Grimshaw and his older sister Doniya. Supermodel Gigi, Bella and mother Yolanda are also not on the list given by the British star.

While the well-known couple are still following each other on Twitter, fans have also noticed that the fashion star has not shared the conversation with her boyfriend on social media since October 21. As a result, Instagram users took Gigi's profile to probe their situation.

"Are you and Zayn still together or not?" one wrote and the other added: "Zayn and Gi defo fell apart, I just know."

Former lead singer One Direction, who was engaged to the Little Mix star Perrie Edwards before making a relationship with Gigi, previously admitted that he is hesitant to "put the label" on his relationship with the Victoria & # 39; s Secret.

"We are adults, we do not have to put a label on them, make something for people's expectations," he told GQ in June.

December 29, 2018 / 7:46 | Story:

Miley Cyrus' father Billy Ray Cyrus shared his vows with Liam Hemsworth to congratulate him on the marriage of tying the knot.

Hitmaker Wrecking Ball confirmed that she married the actor The Hunger Games, whom she met on the set of The Last Song 2010, making available on Wednesday photos of her intimate wedding on social media.

Her father followed him, sharing his dreams, posing with Miley and her mother Tish in front of the flowery arch at home. In the picture, Billy Ray and his wife are wearing black blazers and dark jeans, and Miley is dressed in Vivienne Westwood ivory and holds a bouquet of flowers.

"Congratulations @mileycyrus and @liamhemsworth! Long live love!" he wrote in the signature. He used the same message next to the gritty Miley and Liam in a tight embrace.

He explained in another post that showed that newlyweds are cutting their two-tiered wedding cake in front of a small group of friends and family that the photo was taken from an old BlackBerry phone.

"The wedding would not be complete without a single shot from your home blackberry camera." "I love to see everyone so happy," he wrote.

Tish also shared two pictures of the three standing in front of a flowery arch and added: "It makes my heart so happy (emoji heart)."

Also present were the sisters Miley Noah and Brandi, as well as the Liam brothers, star Avengers Chris and actor Westworld Luke.

According to, the couple received a marriage license in Williamson County, Tennessee on December 18, five days before the low-key ceremony, which was first recorded on Monday, when their close friend Conrad Carr shared the material from his Instagram Stories.

December 29, 2018 / 7:44 | Story:

Emma Stone accepted the age of 30 after the start of the breakthrough year, feeling "grim."

In an interview on the cover with her favorite star Olivia Colman in the February issue of British Vogue, an Arizona-born actress who turned 30 in November admitted that while she felt some time, her confidence increased, and she no longer cares if people like her.

"I was bleak for a week," said the actress that she had reached her groundbreaking birthday. "But I realized that the most interesting thing about adulthood is that most things become bittersweet, I still find my voice.

"That's okay, if not everyone likes you, so it was an important lesson, I did not fall into myself to get unknowable … Nobody knows what they're doing! We're all just a handful of people trying to figure out how to get in the day . "

After more than a year spent filming on her best Oscar-winning actress for La La Land in 2016, Emma admitted that she did not do much.

"I have not worked since last December" before I work again, it will be 14 months – explained the actress, who is currently collecting enthusiastic reviews and many awards are buzzing for their turn in "Favorites".

When asked what she did during the break, she replied: "F ** k, I do not know, I did not learn the language, I did not learn to cook, I was a little … drifting."

The song directed by Yorgos Lanthimos takes place at the court of Queen Anne and together with Olivia and Rachel Weisz. It focuses on the backstage between two cousins ​​who become the favorites of the court during the queen's rule in the early 18th century.

The film delves into the well-documented bisexuality of the queen, and Olivia told the magazine about the jokes she played in her star.

"I put a damp sponge between my legs (during an intimate scene) because I thought Emma would be fun," she laughed. "Sudden terror can be seen on her face."

December 28, 2018 / 10:38 | Story:

Ariana Grande canceled performances in Las Vegas before New Year 'due to unpredictable health reasons'.

Grande was originally scheduled for a show at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on Saturday. The hotel said on Friday in a statement to the Associated Press that the pop star would not perform.

The hotel said guests can get a refund at the point of purchase.

Grande has a very busy year: her song "Thank U, Next" spends her sixth week in the first place on the Billboard Hot 100 list, she recently won two Grammy nominations and was named Billboard's woman of the year. Her year also included the end of her relationship with actor-comedian Pete Davidson and the death of her former boyfriend, Mac Miller rapper.

December 28, 2018 / 7:51 | Story:

Rihanna made an emotional tribute to the fan who died during the holiday season.

The singer Diamonds shared her car with a fan named Monia on Instagram on Thursday and revealed to her fans, known as Rihanna Navy, that she died after fighting cancer.

"Navy Blue Angels, this Christmas we lost a beautiful spirit that was such a great strength for us! Most of our friendship was spent in a hospital or a doctor's office!" Rihanna wrote. "This photo was just a few months ago, she looked at me and said" Rih, the cancer has come back "I will never forget the fear in her eyes!

"She continued to push forward, struggling with the navy every day, supporting her every step of the way!" We are all desperate! "You will never forget, I love you, my angel!

The 30-year-old also shared his photos, embracing, talking to each other and posing for photos at the Savage X Fenty Pop-Up in London in June, next to the signature: "I miss you sis @moniasto" with a broken heart and an emoji angel. She put two pictures of Monia on her stories on Instagram and added a halo to latches.

Monia, who wrote all her posts from Instagram Stories of her meetings with Rihanna on her site, three times fought cancer and updated her followers on her journey to health. At the beginning of December she shared with the viewer a suggestive commentary that Rihanna sent on Instagram.

"Sis, we all pray for you, your strength and your ability to let beauty in your spirit, even in the midst of adversity, is incredibly inspiring!" She wrote. "I can not begin to imagine what you feel, so I want you to know that we're all here for you and I encourage NAVY to gather around you these days!" I love you! "

December 28, 2018 / 7:48 | Story:

Tomb Raider star Dominic West blew up the conversation about another James Bond, suggesting that 007 should be transgender.

British actor, who often took part in discussions related to Bond's casting, thinks that the superspace days as a lottery have come to an end – and he has just this role – wife Cola, Jake Graf, Hannah.

"Maybe a transsexual Bond would be nice," said West The Sunday Times. "She is a very nice woman who is the wife of an actor in Colette, who is the captain of electrician engineers, the highest-ranking transgender soldier in the army.

"She is a beautiful blonde who can be Bond, it's a really brilliant idea: they should have a transsexual Bond because there are a lot of transgender people in the army, they would be perfect because they can do anything."

Both Graf and his wife identify themselves as transgender.

Since then, Hannah has responded to Dominik's support on Twitter, claiming that her husband is a man for this role.

"If you really want to be transsexual Bond, then I can not think of anyone better than @ JakeGraf1. Smooth, devilishly handsome, actually an actor!" She wrote.

Daniel Craig is expected to step down from the role of 007 – a role he has been playing for over ten years – after his fifth feature film, which will be released in 2020.

Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston and Henry Golding are one of the favorite favorites to take part in this role, while Outlander's star Sam Heughan recently revealed that he had interrogated him in this role.

The actor said: "I interviewed Bond a long time ago when he was working with Daniel Craig when he was Bond 21. They were young with him and it was quite a good experience."

December 28, 2018 / 7:43 | Story:

Macaulay Culkin has legally changed his second name on Macaulay Culkin.

In November, a former children's star announced that he had prepared a survey on his BunnyEars lifestyle website and invited fans to vote on what they think should be his second middle name.

Macaulay Culkin, Shark Week, Kieran, TheMcRibIsBack and Publicity Stunt were available to choose from, and now Macaulay embarked on Twitter to share the winning option.

"Merry Christmas to me, from all of you! My new middle name was chosen, you voted, and the winner is bright," he wrote. "In 2019, my new legal name will be: Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin, she has a nice ring (if you like my name). #MerryChristmas."

Over 60,000 people voted for the Macaulay Culkin option, and the other four options received from 7,500 to 14,500 votes.

The real name of Macaulay is Carson, which his parents chose as a tribute to the American frontier, Carson.

However, during a recent interview at The Tonight Show with Jimmy & # 39; Fallon, Home Alone actor explained that Macaulay Carson sounds too "Irish."

"Last time I looked at my passport and looked at my middle name, my current middle name is Carson – you have to say it to Macaulay Carson Culkin (with an Irish accent) – and I thought:" I should probably call it a bit, "said the 38-year-old he added his joking choices. "Yes (I could be) Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin If someone comes to me at the airport and says," Excuse me, are you Macaulay Culkin? "I can go," Macaulay Culkin is my middle name. "

Macaulay added that his brother Kieran Culkin suggested that Kieran would have a good middle name, TheMcribIsBack was inspired by McDonald's McRib burger, while his girlfriend Brenda Song invented a Stunt ad.

December 28, 2018 / 7:40 | Story:

Ariana Grande is reportedly in talks with the headline of Manchester Pride over two years after the terrorist attack on her concert in the English city.

On May 22, 2017, 22 people were killed and the bombs detonated after the fans left the Ariana concert in the Manchester arena, and two weeks later returned to the British city to host the award-winning concert "One Love Manchester."

When UK dates for the World Sweets route were announced, fans noticed that they did not mention the Manchester stop, and the 25-year-old assured them that he was working on something "special".

According to the British newspaper The Sun, Ariana talks to the organizers of Manchester Pride, one of LGBTQ's longest-running events in the United Kingdom, to play at the concert on August 25.

"Manchester has a special place in the heart of Ariana and explained that she wants to do everything she can for the city," says the source. "This year she was on talks to perform at Manchester Pride, but unfortunately they failed to make it work for a variety of reasons, not just in space and security, but the council and Ariana were so in a hurry that they had talked. 2019 and now it looks like it will be on a Sunday evening.

"It will be really special if it works, especially considering how much Ariana means to everyone in the city."

Ariana, who became an honorary resident of the city for her reaction to the attack, will be on the European route of her route when Manchester Pride will take place. The leg starts at the London O2 Arena on August 17, and she will have a two-day break on August 25 and 26, between the dates in Amsterdam and Paris.

Asked by a fan why she stopped in London, Birmingham and Sheffield while in the UK, Ariana assured the Twitter user that he would return to Manchester.

"We need a little more time to connect everything before we can announce this date, but of course we come and love you," she explained.

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