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Fildebrandt confirms Brian Jean helping the Conservative Party Freedom

The leader of the Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta (FCP) says that former leader of the Wildrose party, Brian Jean, gave him advice before the spring elections in the province.

FCP leader Derek Fildebrandt, MLA for Strathmore-Brooks, confirmed on Friday Radio-Canada that Jean is talking to FCP.

"Brian has a lot of experience and advises me how to run the party, what we can do in the upcoming elections," said Fildebrandt. "He helped me to become a better leader because I'm very new to this job."

Fildebrandt would not confirm the character of Jean's role and did not say that Jean could become a party leader.

He added that their previously tense relations improved.

"Our relationship was quite irritable, of course for some time … Brian and I buried the ax. We see eye to eye, "said Fildbebrandt.

The news that Jean gives party advice came the day after the Calgary councilman said the former leader Wildrose & # 39; and will return to politics during the spring elections.

Jean missed these rumors.

Fildebrandt was asked on Friday how he would be entrusted to the leadership of the party, which he set up for someone else.

He said he was happy that Jean was involved in his party and did not know how far it would take the former Wildrose's engagement.

"But I will tell you this," said Fildebrandt. "I never aspired to drive. I just wanted to represent my constituents, represent the people of Strathmore-Brooks, and now Chestermere-Strathmore, to defend the conservative values ​​I support and have a free vote.

"And as long as the leader gives me the right to speak freely, say thoughts and vote freely on each bill, I mean, I do not have to run the event."

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