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Flood in Toronto: Road closures as a result of raining in GTA

Sean Davidson, CTV News Toronto

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 10:40 EDT

Last updated: 17 July 2019 13:52 EDT

The intense rain that touched Toronto has wreaked havoc on many roads throughout the city.

A heavy rain hit the city on Wednesday morning, leaving some drivers trapped in the floods on the main roads.

Between 9.30 and 11.30 a fire in Toronto said they reacted to 12 water-based battles, in which many cars were trapped in floodwaters everywhere.

The Highway 400 ramp leading to Islington Avenue suffered severe floods, requiring the raising of at least one car out of the large water.

IN PICTURES: Heavy rain causes severe floods throughout Toronto

Earlier, on Wednesday, Environment Canada published a special weather statement for the city, warning of local rainfall ranging from 20 to 40 millimeters of rain.

It is anticipated that the rain will end on Wednesday morning, but it will come back in the afternoon.

Current closures and delays:

  • Rexdale Boulevard from Islington Avenue to Bergamot Avenue has been closed both east and west

  • Trains east of the TTC Line 2 line will bypass the Jane station

  • There are major delays on the 401 motorway towards the west near Kipling

  • Rampa Allen Road Southbound from Highway 401

  • East of the eastern and western lanes blocked from Ontario to Newfoundland

  • Highway 401 towards east to Islington Avenue

  • Highway 401 towards east to Allen Road towards the south

  • Highway 401 to the east and west of the ramps to Weston Road

  • Highway 427 south of the ramp to Holiday Drive

  • Lane restrictions on highway 401 westwards to highway 400 north

  • Lane restrictions on Highway 400 towards the South approaching Black Creek Drive

  • Lane restrictions on Highway 409 to the east near Martin Grove Road

  • Lane restrictions on highway 400 northbound between Sheppard and Finch Avenue

TTC also warned that floods cause delays on many routes.

Drivers drive through deep water on Highway 401 near Kipling. (MTO traffic camera)

Drivers drive slowly through the flood waters on Highway 401 west of the ramp. (MTO)

The car was raised from the flood waters on the Highway 401 ramp to Islington Avenue. (Twitter / @ SonnySubra)

The Ontario police have warned drivers to look after the roads.

The Toronto and Regional Conservation Authority (TRSA) issued a flood warning on Wednesday afternoon after some areas received over 80 mm of rain in less than six hours.

"Due to the heavy rainfall in GTA, the GTA rivers experience high flows and water levels," said TRSA.

"Some parts of Black Creek flooded the banks of the river and cause local problems with flooding."

"All rivers and streams within GTA should be considered dangerous."

It is recommended that people use "extreme caution" around waterways and do not drive through flood waters.

In the meantime, it is expected that heat and humidity will last for the rest of the week, with even hotter and more humid forecasts for Friday.

It is expected that the temperature in humidex will exceed 40 ° C over the weekend, and on Saturday there is a 40% chance of showering.

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