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Food poisoning in Turkey: Salmonella symptoms are spreading in the US and Canada

The explosion of food poisoning caused by the turkey has spread in the United States and Canada. CNN announced the outbreak of an epidemic in the United States on December 22, shortly after thanksgiving. Jennie-O Turkey Store Sales Inc. she recalled 164 210 pounds of raw ground turkey after salmonella fears. The Department of Food Safety and Food Control of the US Department of Agriculture published information on Friday, December 21.

Fifty-two cases of illness were caused by meat.

The salmonella outbreak affected 38 states in the country, and the number of people suffering from this disease was 216.

One person died as a result of an epidemic, and 84 were hospitalized.

There are 22 cases of disease in Canada.

The Canadian Public Health Agency stated: "Based on the findings of the previous investigation, the exposition of raw turkey products and raw chicken was indicated as the likely source of the outbreak.

"Many people who became ill reported consumption of various types of turkey and chicken products before their disease."

The products that were recalled were created by Jennie-O from Faribault, Minnesota, October 22-23.

The ones that have been recalled have the designation P-579 on the side.

How can you know if you suffer from salmonella after a Christmas dinner?

The NHS states: "The symptoms of food poisoning include nausea (feeling sick), diarrhea, nausea (vomiting), stomach cramps, high temperatures of 38 degrees Celsius or more and general malaise – such as tiredness or pain and chills".

How to store leftovers from turkey

The way you stick to meat can contribute to the development of salmonella.

The NHS says: "Store raw meat and poultry in clean, sealed containers on the bottom shelf of the fridge.

"Keep cooked meat separate from raw meat and generally ready-to-eat food."

He adds: "You can re-freeze boiled meat and fish if they have been chilled before entering the freezer compartment. If in doubt, do not freeze again."

The recipes for dinner recipes prepared by Jamie Oliver can help in using the last bird.

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