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Junior high school teacher suspended for kissing former student

The junior high school teacher in the Kamloops-Thompson school district was disciplined by Commissioner B.C. Teachers' Regulations after embracing and kissing a former student's neck.

According to the consent settlement agreement published by B.C. Ministry of Education, Brett Edward Wasylik behaved improperly with his former student in the restaurant on the evening of November 12, 2016.

The Kamloops-Thompson school district confirms that the girl was 17 at the time of the accident and had recently graduated.

Wasylik, who, as he says, had many years of teaching experience at that time, taught the student in classes eight and nine.

The report states that Vasylik went to the Kamloops restaurant for a gala dinner at the end of the season with the sports team when he noticed that his former student was working there as a host.

At one point, Vasylik approached the former student and talked to her for five minutes, commenting on her appearance, saying that she looked "super hot".

He told her that he had received a player award, that he had recently completed a master's degree course in education, that the birthday was approaching and that he was having fun tonight.

Wasylik also showed two of his photos, including one without a shirt. It was observed that he was standing very close to the former student and hugged her.

"I will not kiss you, but your neck"

At night, the teacher repeatedly called the hostess and said that he would like her to join the ceremony with her. This behavior made the former student uncomfortable.

When Vasylik saw that the former student was preparing to leave work, he offered to take her to the car, and when she refused, he insisted. He put his arm around her, and as they left, she pointed out to her colleague that she was uncomfortable.

The teacher escorted a former student to her car, hugged her and said the words with the effect "I'm not going to kiss you, just your neck", which he did. The former student drove away, concerned about Vasilik's behavior.

Wasylik was then asked by the manager to leave the restaurant, who told him that he was not welcome after hearing about his behavior from an employee. Vasylik agreed to leave, but told the manager that he did not have to worry about him because he was her teacher.

Teacher suspended

In November 2016, Vasylik was suspended for three days without pay by the school district and was required to complete a course on strengthening respect for professional boundaries.

Less than a month after the incident, the school district stated that it had submitted an investigation report to the teacher regulation department.

Vasylik confirmed the information contained in the consent agreement and admitted that his behavior was inappropriate and contrary to the first two standards of education, competence and professional conduct of teachers in B.C.

The teacher agreed to suspend his certificate for two days, which will be delivered before October 31, 2019.

The suspension was considered an appropriate punishment by the commissioner based on the fact that Vasylik told others that he had taught the student, persistently contacts her, although it is simply undesirable and initiates physical contact with her in a private environment.

"I am very disappointed that a professional in our school district has done such misconduct," said Kamloops-Thompson school superintendent, Alison Sidow.

"Of course, public safety and student safety are paramount, and when a teacher engages in any behavior or uses his position in any way to create inappropriate relationships, clearly when it's undesirable, it's very important to us."

Sidow says an investigator with the teacher regulation department reviewed the case and found additional information.

He claims that the evidence will be checked by a legal advisor, which may result in further discipline.

Sidow says he wants to encourage students who are uncomfortable in the presence of staff to report this.

"I am delighted, I think that women, and especially this former student, had the courage to come forward and share this information," said Sidow.

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