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Last season is Kylo Ren – / Film

Trailer of Season 2 Star Wars

Resistance to Star Wars returns to the second and last season in October. The new season of the Emmy-nominated series, which takes place during events Star Wars: The Last Jedi and leads to upcoming The Rise of Skywalker, follows Kazem and his Resistance fighters while they are still at war against the First Order. But a few familiar faces enter the stage, further raising the stakes. Look Resistance to Star Wars below season 2.

Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Trailer

After falling in love with the antics of Kaz and his allies during the events of The Force Awakens and The last Jedi, fans can expect their adventures in the coming days The Rise of Skywalker. But the bad news is that these adventures will be their last. In the second and last season Resistance to Star Wars will be the shortest of the last star Wars The animated series, which won Emmy recognition for the recognized first season, but never reaches the following Clone Wars and rebels. It seems that this series was created solely to fill the gap between new ones star Wars trilogy, but at least it happens with a bang: the sinister appearance of Kylo Ren and the action-packed final clash with First Order.

Resistance to Star Wars star Christopher Sean (Days of our lives) as Kazuda Xiono; Suzie McGrath (East enders) as Tam Ryvora; Scott Lawrence (Legion) as Jarek Yeager; Myrna Velasco (Elena from Avalor) as Torra Doza; Josh Brener (silicon Valley) as Neeku Vozo; Donald Faison (Brake) as Hype Fazon; Elijah Wood ( Lord of the Rings ) as Rucklin; Jim Rash ( Community ) and Bobby Moynihan ( DuckTales ) as Flix and Orka, respectively; Liam McIntyre ( Spartacus ) as Pyre's commander; Jason Hightower (Victor and Valentino) as captain Doza; and Sumalee Montano (Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny) as a Tierny agent.

They join the voice cast in supporting roles Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike) as Ax Tagrin, Daveed Diggs (hamilton) as Norath Kev, Matthew Wood (Clone Wars) as Kylo Ren and Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) as Queen Ejosi.

Here is the summary: Resistance to Star Wars Season 2:

The story begins after a shocking escape from the First Order, when Colossus and all its inhabitants get lost in space, chased by Agent Tierna and Commander Pyre. Along the way, Kaz and his team face many new threats, including bounty hunters, suspect Hutt, general Hux and Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. Meanwhile, Tam is struggling with her future and where her true loyalty lies, with friends or First Order. The exciting final season will show how unlikely the heroes can help raise hope across the galaxy.

Resistance to Star Wars Season 2 premieres on Disney Channel and DisneyNow on October 6, 2019

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