Leslie Sole, former CEO of Rogers Media Television, dies in a tragic car accident


Leslie Sole, a Canadian television veteran who left Rogers Media in 2011 after 25 years on radio and television, died.

Sole and his wife, Terri Michael, a radio veteran DJ, television host and voice talent, died on Monday in a car accident near their home in Cabos San Lucas on the Mexican Baha Peninsula. (He pictures it on the right side in the undated screen of CityNews.)

There are no other details about the accident or what led to the accident.

The death of Sole was confirmed on Cartt.ca on Tuesday by Tony & # 39; Viner, who retired as head of Rogers Media in 2010 and worked with Sole for over three decades.

"Leslie, I've worked with him for 30 years and he was one of the most creative people I've ever met, but, surprisingly, he was a very good businessman … I'm devastated by this news," said Viner.

Cabo Mil, a local radio station in which Terri Michael hosted a weekly classic rock show, Total Recall: 40 Years of Rock, on Tuesday we sent a Facebook notification with the news about the death of a couple, with the message: "In our memory forever."

President Rogers Media, Rick Brace, presented his own thoughts on the transition of Sole. "Leslie was a visionary who passionately loved Canadian television and left an indelible mark on the industry and Rogers." For 25 years at Rogers, Leslie was a creative performer who never avoided bold decisions and was an architect of pioneering stations such as OMNI Television ", said Brace in a statement.

"Rogers Media offers the most sincere condolences to the entire Sole family under the leadership of Leslie and his wife, Terri. We connect with friends and colleagues in remembrance of this respected media leader, whom we were proud of calling our own," he added.

Viner, paying homage to Sole, reminded five City TV stations that Rogers Media had acquired for the first time, bringing losses, until the veteran sender turned the fate and returned them to profitability in 18 months.

"He was really responsible for creating CFMT a very profitable multilingual TV station that did not openly serve advertisers and audiences, but it had a significant impact on the Toronto market," added Viner.

President Bell Media, Randy Lennox, also paid homage to Sole. "Leslie was a thoughtful, passionate and experienced competitor, as well as a constructor and master of our industry, but more than he was a man of honor and honesty." Our deepest sympathies go out to family, friends and colleagues Leslie and Terri, "he said in a statement to Cartt. ca.

After graduating from the University of Detroit in 1970, Sole joined the CHOM FM radio station in Montreal and worked there for four years before moving to the position of programming director at Rogers on the CFTR radio station in Toronto.

After studying at Concordia University in Montreal, Terri Michael joined CHOM-FM, then the only bilingual radio station in the country.

They went upside down and eventually became the general director of television at Rogers Communications in April 1986, a position that he held for 25 years until March 2011.

He recently controlled the shareholder Ideation2020 LP, a management company, with offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Cabo San Lucas.

Cartt.ca will publish the details of the funeral when they will be available.


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