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Loblaw launches "No Name" beer under the Ontario "buck-a-beer" program

Ontario residents who want to drink this weekend on the occasion of the Family Day without breaking the bank, can be happy when they learned that Loblaw has released his own brand of beer under his well-known brand No Name and is as cheap as you can expect.

At least this weekend.

On Tuesday, in a press release, Loblaw Co. announced that its new Canadian-style "lager" from Ontario will be available in six-pack packaging at selected LCBO stores from Friday. The beer will be packed in the characteristic yellow and black look of the No Name brand.

"The new unnamed beer will stand out with a recognizable yellow label and in one word: beer." This is a lantern for customers looking for the perfect taste at an unbeatable price, "said Ian Gordon, senior vice president of No Name in an interview.

Although the beer will regularly sell for 10.45 USD for 6 packages, the case will cost only 6.60 USD (including the deposit) from Friday to Sunday to celebrate the first long weekend of the year in Ontario.

The promotion will be part of Ontario Doug Ford's "buck-a-beer" program, which lowered the minimum price for a bottle or can of beer from USD 1.25 to USD 1 when it came into force in the province in August.

Loblaw said that there will be promotions on No Name beer throughout the year for several weekends.

The company said it had "record sales" and "unbelievable consumer feedback" when it piloted the "gold coin" program in Ontario last fall with President Choice beer at the Beer Store.

"It was an easy decision to introduce an unnamed brand into this category at this price," said Gordon.

After the announcement, the online reaction was definitely mixed, with a certain expression of skepticism about the taste of beer, taking into account its price.

"I do not think you can pay me for a beer that costs a little" one woman wrote on Twitter.

Others were wondering about the unusual name of the brand.

"No namesake that I can tolerate, but no name beer is sacrilege" wrote one of the commentators.

"No name, thank you …" another man said.

"WITHOUT NAME, BEER BEGGING." I have no idea how beer tastes, but the design of the box is iconic. " another person wrote.

"During the family weekend, you will not be able to get a beer with the name for a $ 1 bottle. That's right, it will appear in a yellow box that just says" beer "on it … at what time we live," said one commentator.

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