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Master Chief Collection on PS4

According to a new report, Microsoft wanted to introduce one day Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PS4 and it can still be. The report comes from a former journalist IGN PlayStation, Colin Moriarty & # 39; ego, during the last episode Holy symbols: PlayStation podcast. According to Moriarty, Microsoft once tried to introduce the Master Chief game collection on PS4 a few years ago. It is not known whether Microsoft is still interested, but you assume that they will still want to play football.

"I have a good authority for that Master Chief Collection it was talked about on PS4 years ago. For example, I have great authority – said Moriarty, talking to co-host Chris Ray Gunn.

Moriarty notes that he would not be surprised if he saw the Xbox games that will appear on the PS5 over the next few years, stressing that he does not think that the Xbox brand will go anywhere, but will eventually bring her games everywhere. And a few years ago it would be a wild suggestion, but now, seeing the moves that Microsoft is doing with the Xbox, it is completely on the table. It is obvious that Microsoft believes that the future of games is software / services, not hardware. Of course, this would undermine any reason for having an Xbox by the PlayStation, but the money lost in the sale of the equipment can be easily compensated by selling the software.

In any case, as always, take it with a wink, like any unofficial report. Namely, Moriarty has proved to be a reliable source in the past, especially when it comes to the achievements associated with PlayStation, which has been religiously defeating IGN for many years.

As mentioned above, Moriarty does not notice if Microsoft is still interested in providing a collection of games for PlayStation consoles, but at least it sounds as if these discussions took place between Xbox and PlayStation. And something tells me that it will not be the last discussions between them about the games of the latter on previous systems.

In any case, as always, do not hesitate to leave a comment, telling us what you think. Will Xbox ever publish their games on PlayStation?


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