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Nintendo announces a new switch with better battery life

The new version of Nintendo Switch – independent of the recently announced Switch Lite – is officially on the way. Nintendo announced the change of the original Switch system, which will be identical to this version, along with the possibility of docking with the TV. However, it has one improvement in attention – better battery life – and will be in stores in a few weeks.

The original Switch start model advertised between two and a half to six and a half hours of fun. However, the improved version will provide four and a half to nine hours of battery life. The changed Switch model costs the same ($ 300 or around £ 280). According to the Nintendo product page, it will start in mid-August in the USA.

This is not a completely new Switch model in the same way as Lite, instead it serves as a replacement for the original version (though one with the desired new profit with battery life). It is possible that this is a new console iteration that caused the recent submission of the FCC, suggesting that an existing Switch may see some changes in its internal components.

As Nintendo pointed out, when Switch was first launched, the battery life depends on the game played, because a title such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild drains power much faster than other, less intense titles.

On July 12 Nintendo withdrew curtains at Switch Lite, which is a smaller and cheaper version of the hybrid console. It is equipped with a smaller screen, does not play video to TV sets and has dedicated control inputs instead of disconnected joys, and can boast a better battery life than the original Switch (though the recently announced standard battery life of the Switch outperforms the battery life) Lite). Due to the inability to connect to the TV, some games may have problems with Switch Lite, at least without the purchase of separate Joy-Con controllers.

Reports indicating the appearance of Switch Lite in June and more or less at the same time, it was also informed that an "improved" version of the Switch is being developed for "avid" players. However, Nintendo has not yet indicated that it is.

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