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One man is dead, another is hurt in an explosion at the Nisku welding plant

A man aged 40 was killed and another man seriously injured in an explosive welding workshop in an industrial area south of Edmonton on Thursday morning.

The explosion occurred in Nisko around 8:15 AM MT inside Ja-Co Welding at 1304 8th St. in Nisku Business Park.

A man was found dead on stage, said the RCMP. Another was taken to a hospital in Edmonton with severe injuries.

The police did not release the name of the deceased. The RCMP remained on stage when the investigation continued.

"Leduc RCMP was appointed to operate in Nisko, [to] reports of an explosion on site, "said Mike Cibbs, Commissioner of the RCMP, CBC News." Upon arrival, they discovered a small fire. "

The police said there were no concerns about public safety, but members of the public were asked to stay away from the area.

Representatives of the fire brigade say that the force of the explosion could be felt more than two kilometers away. (CBC)

RCMP, firefighters, paramedics and researchers with occupational health and safety remained in place, the police said in the news around 10.00.

Leduc County commander, Keven Lefebvre, said his crew were at the Nisko fire station about 2.5 kilometers when they felt and heard the force of the explosion.

"We were in the office and we talked about our daily duties, about what awaited us during the day, and we felt a great noise in the area, soon after that there was a shipment to this business," said Lefebvre.

"We felt it and heard it in our building, so it was quite a significant explosion, some of my volunteer interlocutors came from Beaumont and said they felt it at Beaumont.

"It was a good explosion, you could hear it for miles."

When firefighters appeared, the building was already evacuated.

After the main search, a decision was made to allow acetylene tanks to be burned, said Lefebvre.

"When they burn their contents, the risk of an explosion is smaller … so we do it for the last short time.

"These tanks are burning, and the fire is basically outside."

The rescue teams were called to the explosion site at Ja-Co Welding, a welding plant in Nisko, south of Edmonton. (Welding party Ja-co)

From 11 am acetylene tanks burned almost all their fuel, and firemen were preparing to hand over the RCMP and health and safety.

The cause of the explosion is being investigated, said Lefebvre. Crews will remain on stage if necessary, he said.

"The initial explosion caused quite a lot of damage, so there will be no one to play here for some time until some engineers check stability," he said.

Nisku is a settlement and industrial park in the Leduc district, about 25 kilometers south of Edmonton center.

According to the company's website, Ja-Co Welding is a 110,000 square-foot facility divided into production facilities, offices and a mechanical workshop.

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