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Royal News: Prince George could follow Kate Middleton at Marlborough College Royal News

Instead Prince George could attend Marlborough College in Wiltshire. His mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, was a student at the same school. Fees for a prestigious private educational facility are £ 12,605 per year.

Sources close to the royal pair told the Daily Mail that they were considering a "less traditional" education for their son.

They said: "Eton was not excluded, but they talked for a long time about Marlborough as an option, and the smart money is on George & # 39 ;, who is going there.

"They are eager to let George & # 39; spread the wings like a child and never do what people expect of them when it comes to their children."

Prince George is currently studying at Thomas Battersea in South West London, which costs £ 6,158 a year.

He attended the first time on September 7, 2017.

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The source commented: "William and Catherine surprised many of their choice of Battersea Thomas for George & # 39; over the more traditional royal schools, but they chose it because they thought it was appropriate for him."

The future Duchess of Cambridge attended Marlborough College as a boarding school, leaving in July 2000 at the University of St Andrews, where she met her future husband.

She represented a school in hockey, volleyball and tennis while studying.

Prince William, however, attended Eton College in Berkshire, which his younger brother Prince Harry later joined.

In Eton, the prince studied geography, biology and art history, finishing it at "A", "C" and "B" respectively.

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The decision to send William to Eton was a surprise to many because his father, grandfather and two uncles all attended Gordonstoun.

However, Eton was frequented by the father and brother of William's mother, Princess Diana.

Marlborough College was founded in 1843 to educate sons of clergy, and for the first time women were allowed to participate in 1968.

It works decisively in academic terms, and about 10 percent of students study at the universities of Oxford or Cambridge.

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