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Scoop: GM Reportedly working on an electric pickup truck from Tesla Powertrain

February 12, 2019 by Zachary Shahan

No electric pickup. But can it be supplemented soon with the Tesla drive transmission system?

For years, electric vehicle enthusiasts in the US have been asking consumers for reliable electric pickups. I have been reporting monthly sales of electric cars for a long time and I place them in the context of wider US car sales, but looking at the number of gasoline-powered trucks sold each month is a completely different level and is quite worrying.

Elon Musk announced after a while that Tesla was working on a bad electric pickup like nothing else we saw. Last month, Ford announced plans for an electrical version of the F-150, which is the king of the US auto market – definitely – with almost a million sales a year. But what about GM, which currently has a second vehicle in the US auto market, Chevy Silverado?

Remember that Chevrolet chased Bolt on the market to be the first American car manufacturer offering a low-powered electric car at an affordable price. I'm afraid he can go on electricity.

The source, which is somewhat close to the heart of GM's new development, said CleanTechnica that GM actually works on an electric pickup and relies on the Tesla drive system. In this way, most of the guts of the truck will be produced by Tesla.

I know, I know – it seems that GM is not able to swallow pride and touch Tesla for this job. However, I briefly noted a few things.

  • LG has reportedly designed and built many of Chevy Bolt's propulsion system.
  • GM does not have to announce or confirm Tesla's partnership if he does not want to look less able.
  • If GM announces or recognizes Tesla's partnership, it will probably get big support from consumers for being bold and use the world leader in electric vehicles to create an amazing pickup. Tesla is cool. Being friends with Tesla is cool.
  • If GM wants to compete well with the electric F-150, there is a good chance that it is the best way and the company knows it.
  • Batteries – batteries, batteries, batteries. In addition to Tesla's skills in designing and manufacturing high-performance electric motors, it has a giant battery source. If other car manufacturers want to offer massive electric vehicles in the coming years, they need a good battery source, and Tesla can be as good as it is now.
  • GM is good at building trucks, combining them together. It has massive, amazing truck brands. Even if Tesla develops an amazing electric truck, many buyers will want to stick to the brands they know and love and the design of the truck they know. They may not want a giant Tesla touch screen, a minimalist interior and a smooth, futuristic surface. The Tesla-GM partnership is a win that would bring a lot more people to the electric fold.

Yes, I understand, you'd like to see proof of this partnership before you get too excited. So do not be too excited. Take this as a rumor and be vigilant to get more information in the coming months. I do not currently have heavy evidence of this truck (no final image or document), but I have received enough information to make sure the tip is correct and to start this article. The basic source of this information wants / must remain anonymous and does not even want any traces of identity, so I do not intend to talk more about it. But let me sleep for today and accept that GM can make a brilliant move in its approach to electric trucking.

If this plan is as smooth as the electric drive system, we can have a Tesla, Tesla truck and Tesla powered with GM (Sierra Electric?) Approaching the start line before the end of 2019. It could be another exciting year of the electric revolution. (Well, how is that possible?)

Note: No, the source is not Elon Musk.

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