Saturday , June 12 2021

Season 10 of PUBG announces a new map with a dramatic trailer

Not long after that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds He got his first trailer for the new season 10, which is about to begin, the second one was released to show off more of what’s coming next season. The dramatic trailer released on Saturday confirms the addition of the new map mentioned in the last teaser, and has trained players in a few different skills they will need to survive. The same trailers again used hashtags in Season 10 and “Haven”, the latter being the name that the community interpreted as the name of the new map.

You can watch the dramatic trailer of the new map in less than 30 seconds beforehand. It extends the motto “Hide, Seek, Survive” from the previous trailer to show how these skills will be essential to the survival of your opponents on this new battlefield.

“Hide from enemies, look for high-quality gear, and survive to get that chicken dinner” – trailer description with the hashtags “Haven” and “Season 10” at the end. “You’ll need these three skills if you want to conquer the new PUBG map.

There’s a lot to unpack in the trailer, even though it only takes around 30 seconds. It starts out with a frantic chase like before, but instead of running through tunnels, this time we’re on the rooftops. A lone warrior jumps out of a building when the spotlight hits him and the whirr of a helicopter is heard in the background.

Another fighter looks out of a window somewhere nearby while an ominous truck drives through the streets. The trailer ends when the falling player apparently tugs on the parachute line to protect himself from falling.

Regardless of the plans for the new map, it will be interesting to see how it will handle this Season 10 battleground compared to other maps that have been in rotation for a long time and those that have had a shorter lifespan. For example, Paramo was a new map added in Season 9, but will be removed in Season 10. Whether this map will stay longer or will it be a Season 10 reunion, just like Paramo in Season 9 remains to be seen.

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