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Shooting two vehicles in southwestern Calgary causes damage to one observer

Cops block the Macleod Trail S.W. after the shooting with two vehicles on Saturday, October 12.


An observer was injured in southwestern Calgary after a shootout between two vehicles on a Saturday afternoon, police say.

Police said the phone came around 13:30. with reports of shooting. Det. Shawn Rupchan said the passengers of the two vehicles were shooting at each other in the parking lot of Mr. Sub at 4662 Macleod Trail S.W.

Rupchan was unable to confirm if any of the attackers had been shot, but said the missiles had damaged the restaurant. One person in the sandwich shop was hit by fragments that are injured and not life threatening.

The suspects started south on the Macleod trail.

Police said they had not been caught yet, but the investigation is ongoing.

Police have recorded the Macleod Trail area.

Witness Peter Mo, who ate at a Vietnamese restaurant near Mr. Sub when the shooting took place, said a group of men were sitting opposite him just before the incident when another pair of men came to the restaurant.

The two groups then began to fight outside, where one person took out a gun and shot another. Then a group of three fled in the vehicle while the others left on foot, said Mo.

"For me, I don't really feel at this stage," he said.

"But I saw that everyone in the restaurant was afraid."

He said the group inside ran to the back of the restaurant after firing.

The police have deleted the area, and a group of about 15 witnesses are asked to stay and testify, Mo said.

Authorities said there were reports of people being blown up in local hospitals, but Rupchan said they could not confirm whether they were victims of the incident.

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