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The best offers of cyberprzewodników on Instant Pot and other small devices

Consumer Reports has no financial links with advertisers on this site.

Consumer Reports has no financial links with advertisers on this site.

Forget about door knockouts and leave your family for dessert to get an early Black Friday offer. Cyber ​​Monday is a convenience. Of course, offers and discounts.

We looked at the Cyber-Monday leaflets and other shop promotions to find savings on small devices that appeared in the Consumer Reports labs with vivid colors.

Some offers are already active. Keep in mind that some stores offer the same products at the same price, while in other cases one seller offers a unique discount. So look around. It's as easy as jumping from one side to the other.

Prices are subject to change, stock levels can go down, and even sell out, and new offers can be introduced throughout the day on Monday.

We will continue to update our offers and add new sellers when they reveal their offers.

Air fries

NuWave Brio 36001
Transaction: 79.99 USD for Purpose; 79.99 in Kohla; 99.99 USD in JCPenney
Savings: Up to 20 USD
They are called deep fryers, but these wonders do not fry food. In fact, these are small convection ovens that rely on a fan to distribute the hot air that cooks your food. With 2.6 quarts, NuWave Brio has one of the smaller capacities in the tested 14 models – the largest has almost six quarters. Still, very high, achieving a very good result, how easy it is to set the time and temperature. And although it is quieter than some models, it is a bit harder to clean.

Power Air Fryer XL
Transaction: 79.99 USD on Target
Savings: Up to $ 50
This small number can be found for sale at various prices, but the lowest one we have seen is Target. He receives an excellent grade for cleaning, which we set by cleaning both the food basket and the outside of the fryer. It's like noisy, but large families will appreciate its large capacity, 5.3 quarts, because you can cook dinner in larger batches.


Ninja Smart Screen Duo
Transaction: 119.99 USD for Objective; 119.99 USD at Amazon
Savings: 50 USD
Another good mixer from Ninja and this one has several useful additions, such as a take-away cup and a personal blender attachment. It's hard to beat him when making ice-cold drinks and cocktails, and because of the high durability it should take a long time. It can also make a smooth puree and crush ice for your favorite cocktail.

Ninja Professional 1000-Watt System
Transaction: 64.18 USD on Amazon
Savings: USD 35
In the catalog price, the 1000-watt Ninja Professional NJ600 is CR Best Buy, which means it combines impressive performance with an attractive price. And on Black Friday you can find a model about 40 percent smaller. The replaceable Ninja blade helps cleanse and is the reason why this model rated Excellent in our comfort tests.

Nutri Ninja Pro Personal Blender
Transaction: 54.27 USD in Amazon
Savings: 55 USD
This personal pint-sized blender is perfect for commuters who like to make cocktails. It gives an excellent result for washing and is very useful in other blender tasks, such as preparing cocktails and crushing ice. Although it is small, it is powerful and built to survive. But again, like his colleagues, he is quite noisy.

Ninja BL770 Blender & Food Processor System
Transaction: 99.99 USD in JCPenney
Savings: Up to USD 120
Yes, another Ninja. This blender is part of the so-called food system because it is equipped with several snap-ins and containers of various sizes, including a personal take-out mug. Despite all the different parts, it turned out that it is very easy to use and clean, which gives it an excellent result. He does a working job in all the normal tasks of a blender, washing, crushing ice and preparing cocktails. But it is even louder than the other ninja in this round.

Personal Ninja mixer with Auto-iQ BL480
Transaction: 54.95 USD in Amazon
Savings: USD 45
Ninja claims that Auto-IQ in this personal blender ensures perfect mixing of food every time. Although some of the mixers in our tests are slightly better at making cocktails and grinding soups, this game consistently performs all blender tests, and durability is excellent.

Vitamix Explorian Series E310
Transaction: USD 295.77 in Amazon; 299.99 USD at Bed Bath & Beyond
Savings: USD 140
Our members provide excellent Vitamix ratings both in terms of expected reliability and owner satisfaction. And this is impressive in our performance tests, thanks to which we perfectly rub and refresh ice cold drinks. Vitamix blenders on the other side of the plate are expensive, so this transaction lowers the price a bit. We think it is durable, but be careful: it is one of the most-known Vitamix mixers in our tests.

Coffee makers

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP307
Transaction: 202 USD. 99 in Best Buy
Savings: USD 27
Members of Consumer Reports who own this coffee machine are very satisfied with its performance. In our tests it was convenient to set up and use and produce good coffee cups. It has a small batch setting, as well as a setting of brewing power, so you can more easily make coffee the way you like.

Keurig K-Elite K90
Transaction: 131.99 USD in Best Buy; 129.99 USD on Target; USD 149.99 in Kohl & # 39; s; $ 109.00 at Amazon
Savings: Up to $ 100
If you feel like Keurig, now is a good time to buy it. Elite has a removable tank that facilitates filling and cleaning, which ensures the highest result. In our tests, he was a consistent performer, which means you can rely on him every morning.

Ninja CF097 bar system
Transaction: 99 USD in Kohl & # 39; s
Savings: USD 40
This Ninja brews like a master and is super comfortable. Our members who own it give him big thumbs. The systems are equipped with several accessories, including a container for frozen coffee, so you do not have to waste any of the large portions of coffee you have prepared.

Food processor

Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus DLC-2011CHBY
Transaction: 99.99 USD at Amazon
Savings: 100 USD
The Cuisinart brand is so synonymous with food processors that some people refer to all food processors as Cuisinarts. If you want to have a real McCoy, this one is good. It has 11 cups and gives a very good grade both for chopping and crushing. It can be better in cutting, but it is quite quiet, has separate cutting and shredding discs and has a special setting for kneading the dough.


KitchenAid Classic Plus Stand Mixer
Transaction: 199.99 USD on Target; 189.99 USD in Best Buy; 189.99 USD in Macy & # 39; s
Savings: Up to USD 120
If you've always craved the KitchenAid kitchen mixer, Black Friday can sometimes be at an attractive price, especially if you're shopping at Kohl & # 39; s, which advertises at least four models. Thanks to the excellent assessment for mixing and quite smooth churning and kneading, you can see why this is classic. It's not as quiet as some of its brandmates, but when it's used in short series, the noise should not bother you.

KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer
Transaction: 299.78 USD at Amazon
Savings: USD 150
For less than half the normal price, the Professional is a good opportunity and will not be disappointed in the kitchen when it goes through mixing. The whipping time is perfect, mixing and kneading are at the highest level. It's convenient to use and clean and is on par with the other KitchenAid kitchen mixers we're testing. But it's loud again.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer
Transaction: 279.99 USD at Bed Bath & Beyond; $ 299.95 in Lowe & # 39; s
Savings: Up to 195 USD
Artisan KitchenAid appeared on sale on Black Friday, all for around 40 percent. It's just as good as other KitchenAid kitchen mixers in our tests and it's a bit quieter than some, although you'll still hear how it works. Bread makers should consider excellent kneading results and can also rely on this mixing and whipping model.

KitchenAid Pro 600 Stand Mixer
Transaction: 349.95 USD in Amazon; 399.99 USD in Kohl & # 39; s
Savings: Up to $ 100
Other KitchenAid mixer mixers get higher results in our tests, but this one is not a hump. It is very well suited for mixing and is equally effective in churning and kneading. Like some of his brandmates, he is on the side of noisier. But in six quarters it has one of the largest bowls, thanks to which it can easily handle large batches of cookies, cakes and cakes.

KitchenAid 4-Speed ​​hand mixer
Transaction: 39.99 USD in Amazon; 39.99 USD for Objective; 29.99 USD at Crate & Barrel
Savings: USD 30
Not everyone has enough space for a counter or storage space for the mixer. If it's you, consider this attractive hand mixer from KitchenAid. The model we test is red, but it is available in 14 different colors, so it can be easily adapted to other devices. When it comes to performance, it's great in mixing, although it can be a bit faster when whipping cream. Our testers believe that it is easy to use and clean, and in terms of noise is in the middle of hand mixers.


Instant Pot DUO60 7-in-1
Transaction: 79.99 USD in Macy & # 39; s
Savings: Up to 60 $
No table top device has recently captured the cook's image as Instant Pot. We tested 7-in-1, which is one of the earlier versions. Newer models have even more functions, but seven should be enough. We compared Instant Pot with one of each device to replace: pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yoghurt maker, electric steamer, heating tray and induction torch – and the results were mixed. Many defeats ended in a draw, so if you want to jump into Instant Pot mode, keep going.

Crock-Pot Express Multi-Cooker Crock SCCPPC600-V1
Transaction: 49.99 USD on Target
Savings: 50 USD
The Instant Monster did not need his followers for too long. Crock-Pot, for example, came out with a similar multi-cooker for a lower price. So of course we had to bring Crock-Pot Express to our labs to talk to Instant Pot. We noticed some differences, including the fact that Crock-Pot is easier to clean because the inner pot is not sticky. Instant Pot, however, makes better yogurt, but if you do not have it in the cooking repertoire, then you'll probably be happy with Crock-Pot Express.

Sous Vide

Anova Precision Cooker with WiFi
Transaction: 99.99 USD on Target
Savings: USD 60
When the phenomenon of sous vide (cooking food in water with a plastic bag or glass container) appeared a few years ago, the price of most machines was unavailable for many home cooks. But when the independent circulatory circuits emerged (which circulate and heat the water), the home cooks began to experiment with the cooking method. In our tests, Anova maintains the set temperature and provides excellent results. Staffers loved the juicy, tender pork tenderloin and poultry that we cooked.

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