The exile path returns to PS4 in December with the addition of 3.5.0


Path of Exile is to be launched on PS4 next month, and the Grinding Gear Games program has been released today. "We are proud to announce that the Path of Exile will appear on PlayStation 4 in December. As you know, we are releasing our 3.5.0 extension on December 7, and we plan to launch it on both console platforms in December.", Post reads. Details of the upcoming expansion will be revealed next week. The announcement also contains a trailer showing the features of the game, including the possibility of obtaining incredibly powerful and effective skills. All seven classes pass to PS4, each with their three subclasses. The trailer takes a look at the game skill system in which the gems are in the inventory that determines the skills that your character can use. Active skills can then be modified in a rather insane way by other related gems. In terms of the user interface, the PS4 version looks quite similar to the Xbox One version.

The free ARPG game was originally released on PC in 2013 and hit the Xbox One in August last year. This is probably one of the main players in this genre, due to both its vastly modifiable skills and the huge passive skill tree that provides the right amount of experiments in terms of builds. While Path Of Exile has micropayments, they are exclusively cosmetic, with the exception of a few selected things, such as hidden tabs. However, they can be purchased at a bargain price during regular sales and do not impede significant progress.

What's more, Path Of Exile receives regular updates. Larger ones contain significant changes and additions, such as Fall Of Oriath, which added six new acts, eliminating the need to repeat content during leveling. Smaller updates are added by motivated leagues that reset progress, while changing the experience. The newest league, Delve, has added infinite dungeons that players must explore while remaining close to the robot that illuminates the road. Risking that your skin will go into darkness can lead to finding a treasure, but also death. The announcement received a positive reception from the Path of Exile community, putting it in completely different waters than its favorite species Diablo.


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