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Title 2016 "Made Me The Greatest Player of All Time"

LeBron James claims he has become "the best player of all time" after he led Cavs to their unbelievable triumph in the NBA finals in 2016.

James believes the end of Cleveland's 52-year championship in the fight against the 73-man Golden State Warriors team brought him G.O.A.T. status.

LeBron was unanimously named the MVP Finals, helping Cavaliers knights back from a deficit of 3-1 series.

Behind ESPN:

"It was here that made me the greatest player of all time," said James in episode 7 of the eight-part ESPN + series "More than an athlete".

"That's how I felt," he told his friends and business associates, Maverick Carter, Randy Mim and Ric Paul, in the episode that started streaming on ESPN + on Sunday evening. "I was great, ecstatic to win for Cleveland because of the 52-year drought … The first wave of emotions was that everyone saw me cry, that's all for 52 years of everything happening in Cleveland. the way I stopped, I was like this – this is where he made you the greatest player of all time.

"Everyone just talked – how [the Warriors] they were the best band of all time, as if it was the largest team he had ever assembled, he said. "And for us to come back, you know, the way we came back this way, I said," You did, you did something special. "It's probably one of the only moments in my career, s-, like you did something special, I did not have, I really had time to really sit and think, but this … it was a moment."

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