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Twitch makes ads less annoying

Twitch's new picture-in-picture ad system
Photo: Twitch

Twitch, like many other platforms on the "free" Internet, works on advertising. These ads are annoying as hell. They are also a raw offer for most streamers. Soon, however, both will change.

As part of today's TwitchCon opening ceremony, the company announced a number of upcoming changes, including a new creator desktop, new channel pages, improved moderation tools, and a system that will allow viewers to earn points that can be redeemed for channel awards. The company also announced a surprisingly thorough review of how ads work on the site, which will start over the next two weeks.

Soon the ads will play picture in picture with streams – as opposed to moving over them – and streamers will be able to completely disable pre-movie ads in favor of regular ad breaks. Soon, Twitch partners will also earn from advertising, which was historically reserved only for partners. In the meantime, when broadcast by ordinary, unrelated or affiliate users, there will be no video ads to ensure that every ad played on a channel supports that channel. The ads will also play at the same volume as everything you watch at this time. Thank God.

Currently, ads play before and during streams, and prevent the stream you are trying to watch. Do you get to the important moment you just learned, via Twitter or orally? It is a pity You can miss it because the brand must shout at you about fuel for players or anything. Oh, and I don't use the word 'shout'; Ads are often louder than the streams they are watching, forcing viewers to adjust the volume unless they want to hear the sound of farm insurance in their ears.

Theoretically, these changes also improve the situation of streamers who risked losing viewership volatility relative to ads over which they had no control, and – in the case of vanilla users and affiliates – from whom they did not receive a penny. Now they will get at least some money, and the new system will even give them an estimated payout for advertising. In addition, it removes another barrier between affiliates and partners, limiting the stratification between essentially played levels that prevent people from getting sustainable money from their work. This stratification is far from being eliminated, but all that makes it less severe is a win for streamers in the long run.

But here's everything: at the opening ceremony, Emmett Shear, CEO of Twitch said that these changes were due to the fact that "we encourage people to take regular advertising breaks." Twitch is, after all, a platform in the modern era of the media. This means that it works in the advertising industry and how streamers earn money – including donations and subscriptions for viewers, as well as sponsorship from companies – ads most favor Twitch in terms of consistently generated revenue. For most streamers, ads make up a relatively small proportion of their business compared to the other options mentioned above.

Twitch has many reasons to want partners and partners – streamers with real audiences – to display more ads. Thanks to this, the company gains more money in the short term and makes advertising offers on the platform more attractive to potential buyers, because their ads will be viewed through real eyeballs. Earlier Twitch could not give this guarantee, given that viewers were nervous and walked away before the end of the ads, and many ads were played before unrelated broadcasts / partners, which often have zero viewership. So, on the one hand, we get less annoying ads, but we also get more of them, and the chances are, according to the general scheme of things, the system will continue to use Twitch much more than most streamers.

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