Unai Emery in Liverpool praises with praise after Arsenal's 1-1 win over Reds


After defeating Arsenal 14, his defeat after Alexandre Lacazette's late equalizer welcomed Liverpool after Liverpool after James Milner lifted Reds 1-0.

Unai Emery will be happy with the performance of Saturday night Liverpool, as they have been braved for 1-0. The Gunners were at the top of most of the matches and showed tremendous improvement in Chelsea and Manchester City's performance in the season.

Speaking of this year's best efforts against clubs, Emery told the Metron: "The Premier League is the first competition for us. It's very important to play against City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and if you win, it's better.

"But other games are important too. Today is a test of how we oppose a team like Chelsea. Maybe we're getting closer to the teams today. But for every match we need this quality. Every game is important as it is today. "

However the armory the manager still wants more from the team: "To our point this point is not enough, but Liverpool is a very good test, and at that moment we will continue to work and improve and we are closer to this performance, "he explained.

Arsenal FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League

He added "90 minutes have many moments to control the match. This is not a bad thing, but we need more. "

Despite being convinced that the killers might have been able to win the game, Emery maintained the praise of Liverpool and strengthened the title. He said: "Three years ago they won the Premier League, the Europa League final was played three years ago and they were in the final of the Champions League last season – they are a very good example for us. "


Follow the 1-1 draw. Arsenal is closest to the Sporting CP in the Europa League before making a home match Wolveswho lost 3-2 on Saturday night to Tottenham Hotspur. If the shooters can redirect their performance against Liverpool in these two games, their unbeaten run can extend to 16 games as well.


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