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When to watch the Super Blood Wolf Moon Arrow in January

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Stargazers are happy – you will not want to miss this upcoming event, which is to be one of the books!

On January 20 and January 21 you will have the opportunity to see the total lunar eclipse and the first supermoon of the year!

It will be visible in the sky throughout North America, South America and parts of Europe and Africa.

The total eclipse of the moon occurs when the moon and the sun are on opposite sides of the Earth. When the moon wanders through the shadow of the Earth, the moon appears to have an orange hue, which is why according to it is called the "blood moon".

Some call it the "moon of the wolf's super blood" because the lunar eclipse can occur only during the full moon, and the first full moon in January is also known as the "wolf moon", according to CNN.

The January lunar eclipse will occur when the moon reaches its orbit, where it is closest to the Earth, also called perigee.

It means that the moon will be bigger, hence the name "supermoon".

NASA claims that the January lunar eclipse will last about an hour.

For those of Louisiana, you'll see that the eclipse reaches its full value – the point where it seems to be completely orange / rusty – from 10:41 pm. to 11:43 pm on Sunday, 20 January.

If you think about catching the next one, mark your calendars – the next total lunar eclipse is scheduled for May 26, 2021.

– CBS 17 contributed to this story

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